The ideal way to dispense Ultrakill Rat and Mouse Bait formulations & Advanced Paste is by using a bait dispenser as this keeps the bait fresh and prevents accidental ingestion by non-target animals. The Tamper Resistant Bait Station is the ideal solution to keep bait out of reach of children and animals as well as in an industrial setting where strict control is required. We offer several different Tamper Resistant Bait Stations Solutions namely the Alpha, Beta, Peti & Cobra Tamper Resistant Bait Stations. Remember to place your bait stations under cover in the area being baited as rodents prefer to feed out of sight. Continue to refill the stations as the bait is consumed, until the feeding stops. Dead rodents will be noticed within 4 – 10 days of first ingesting the bait. This delay before the poison takes effect avoids the problem of bait shyness (the problem with “immediate kill” products) and thus ensures that not just a single rat but the whole rodent colony is eliminated. AREAS OF USE: CONFORMS TO GOOD HYGIENE PRINCIPLES AND IS HACCP SUPPORTIVE. – Industrial Premises – Commercial Premises – Homes – Indoor and Outdoor use – Poultry, Piggeries and Stables – Animal & Bird Breeders – Supermarkets, Take-aways & Restaurants – Schools and Nursery Schools , Hospitals, Hostels etc. – Perimeter Baiting Any areas where rodent bait must be kept protected and separate from children, livestock, pets and other animals. Use Cobra Bait Station to keep bait fresh for longer in areas containing dust, moisture and dirt. Use Cobra Bait Station to monitor rodent activity and determine infestation severity.
The bowls feature a non-stick surface that is resistant to chemicals and petroleum products. Clean-up of most materials is simple. Simply wait until the casting medium is cured, then bend the bowl to release.