They feature a deodorising fragrance, which lasts the life of each block, to mask unpleasant odours. Detergent based, for use in urinals and channels. Contains residual perfume to deoderise. Soulable formulation to overcome the risk of blocking drains.
Toilet Bowl Disinfectant is specially formulated to kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and germs causing mould, mildew and bad odours in the toilet bowl. It removes tough stains, rust spots and hard water stains while leaving a fresh, clean scent.
A highly concentrated stone tile cleaner which cleans tiles effectively. For all types of tile floors, flagstones and non-calciferous natural stone. Can also be used on unglazed, ceramic tile floors and decorative gravel flooring. Fast and frequent cleaning with a lovely fresh-smelling scent
This efficient floor cleaner and maintainer is perfect for using after stripping and polishing the flooring within an establishment, to achieve a healthy natural shine which can become dull over time in areas of regular footfall. The formula can be applied generously to the floor, and buffed to a bright, gleaming, anti-slip finish. This versatile cleaning solution can be used daily to recover the appearance of dull spots and maintain a freshly-polished look to floors at all times
Flannel Dust Cloths are 100 per cent cotton, fully hemmed. yellow flannel, and are machine washable. These cloths won't mar or scratch fine surfaces. Ideal for automotive and household cleaning, dusting and polishing.
Lint Pick-Up Roller Picks Up Lint, Dust, Dandruff 30 Layers
The hand corn seeder cum fertilizer, a planting machine, can plant corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, etc; The hand corn seeder is suitable for the fertilizing and seeding in the corn fields in the plain and hilly areas. •The seeding capacity, seeding row space and the working width is adjustable.
KPI-2 (ISI marked) - Tank Capacity: 20 Litre. - Air chamber capacity: 0.700 L. - Working Pressure: 3. - Max. Pressure: 3.5. - Net Weight: 3.672 kg. - Gross Weight: 4.870 kg. - Packing Size: 220 x 490 x 555.
KPI-1 (ISI marked) - Tank Capacity: 16 Litre. - Air chamber capacity: 0.550 L. - Working Pressure: 3. - Max. Pressure: 3.5. - Net Weight: 4.358 kg. - Gross Weight: 5.890 kg. - Packing Size: 215 x 475 x 545.
Available in a range of colours
Range of designs available
The eclectic assortment of patterns and colours are a versatile window treatment that can complement any design scheme.
Keep the sun from damaging your furniture:
Roman blinds can add value and beauty to your home
Roller blinds for a beautiful house