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1) Metric Thread. 2) Metric Fine Thread. 3) UNC Thread. 4) UNF Thread. 5) BSF Thread. 6) BSW Thread. 7) Lock Nut. 8) Nylock Nut. 9) Wing Nut. 10) Stainless Steel Nut / Galvanize nut.
Thread Bar (1 Mtr * 1Mtr 3 Mtr)
Various Mining & Construction Fasteners - 1) Mild steel metric coerces thread bolts. 2) Mild steel metric fine thread bolts. 3) Imperial mild steel coerces thread bolt UNC. 4) Imperial mild steel fine thread bolt UNF. 5) High-tension metric coerces thread bolts. 6) High-tension metric fine thread bolts. 7) Imperial high-tension steel coerces thread bolt UNC. 8) Imperial high-tension steel fine thread bold UNF. 9) Stainless steel metric coerces thread bolt. 10) Galvanized roofing bolts ( j bolt). 11) Galvanized hex bolt (ZESCO). 12) U bolt (vehicle). 13) Threaded bar mild steel, s.s., galvanize. 14) Electrical screws. 15) Allen cup screws, cup head screws. 16) Coach bolt, veranda bolt. 17) Plough bolt. 18) D clamp, wire tie clamp. 19) Wheel stud. 20) Wood screws. 21) Self tapping screws. 22) Center bolt. 23) Automotive fastener. 24) Nuts. 25) Foundation bolt.
Material: Low carbon steel, Medium carbon steel, Alloy steel, Brass, Copper & Aluminum. - Standards: - Indian, British, American, German & Japanese. - Diameter: M4 to M50 (3/16" to 2"). - Length: 5mm to 800mm (1/4" to 32"). - Head Styles: Hexagonal, Round, Square, Flat CSK, Raised CSK, Wild Bolts etc. - Surface Finishes: Gun barrel finish (Heat Treated & Oiled), Zinc Phosphating, Zinc Plating with White, yellow & green passivation, cobalt zinc plating, black anodising etc. - Quality Management: ISO 9002
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Hardware for sale in Zambia

Find here General Hardware supplied by manufacturers and general dealers in Zambia. All sorts of general items such as Door Handles, Light fittings, Silicones, Electrical products in Zambia. Industries in this category specialize in the distribution of professional and high-quality tools and power tool accessories for many industries such as electrical, plumbing, Products include saw blades, drill bits, screw driving bits, cut-off wheels, tapes, hose clamps, and others. Building & Construction industry is well supplied with Hardware, General Hardware, Electronic Security & Alarms, Doors, Window & Gate Hardware, Door Furniture, Adhesives & Sealants, Cement, Insulation, Cladding, Fibre Cement, Flashings, Plaster, Reinforcing, Roll Products, Sheet Products, Roofing, Bricks & Blocks, Plywood, Electronic Security & Alarms, Padlock & Cables, Brackets, Furniture & Floor Protection, Hooks, Tie Downs & Load Restraints, Chain, Rope & Riggings, Wheels & Castors, Steel and Timber Gates, Steel & Aluminium Fencing, Door, Window & Gate Hardware, Window Hardware, Cabinet Hardware, Gate Hardware, Hinges, Door, Window & Gate Hardware, Screw, Bolts & Fixings, Nails, Wall & Floor Anchors.