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These nails are used for roofing.
Anchor is placed through the object and into the wall where after the nail is driven in all the way to enable expansion of the sleeve inside the hole.
The object is then fastened by driving a screw into the drywall plug. Drywall ... Plastic drywall plug can't drill into areas where there is a metal or wooden stud.
SCR Ceiling 4.2 X 40mm The Screw and Wall-plug fixing pack is to be used in conjunction with the Screws and Wall Plugs
B519 Blind Rivet stainless steel open can be used for thin sheet metal work

Fasteners for sale in Zambia

Fasteners are mostly used to hold various materials together. Save big by shopping a wide selection of fasteners such as nails, screws, bolts, nylon plugs, rivets, anchors, pins, circlips, zip ties, taps and dies as well as washers, retaining rings and inserts. Before your project begins, quality information is key to the proper buying and application of fasteners. If you need some advice on the best fastener to use, feel free to ask your supplier of choice. They are always ready and happy to assist you. Their goal is to ensure that you have proper fastener information to get the right part for the right application.