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Tee for connecting and branching three hoses, Connects to a hose on all ends, Brass for corrosion resistance, ductility at high temperatures, and low magnetic permeability, Barbed fitting for a tight seal on hoses
Brass Barbed Straight Hose Repair Joiner. The connector can be used for Air, Water, Gas, Oil, Fuel and other Fluids

Pipe Fittings for sale in Zambia

Various types of pipe fittings are available in plumbing systems for different purposes and functions. A pipe fitting is used in a plumbing system to join multiple pipes of the same size or different sizes, to regulate the flow or to measure the flow. They are made up of different materials like copper, iron, brass, and many more. Pipe Fittings used in piping work are mainly Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Union, Coupling, Cross, Cap, Swage Nipple, Plug, Bush, Expansion Joint, Adapters, Olet (Weldolet, Sockolet, Elbowlet, Thredolet, Nipolet, Letrolet, Swepolet), Steam Traps, Long Radius Bend, Flanges and Valve. Browse through this category for various pipe fittings available in Zambian stores.