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Welding nozzles play an important role in the welding process, directing the shielding gas to the weld pool to protect it from contamination
Used for Oxy-fuel welding and oxy-fuel cutting are processes that use fuel gases and oxygen to weld and cut metals

Welding & Soldering Supplies for sale in Zambia

Welding and soldering supplies are used to create a joint on a workpiece. They include soldering irons, stick welders, welding rods, MIG welders, and gas welders as well as the torches, electrodes, filler metals, solder, and other welding supplies that are used with them. Welding helmets, gloves, blankets, and other safety equipment are designed to withstand hazardous glare, sparks, spatter, and heat generated during welding to prevent injury to workers and avoid damage to equipment and surfaces. Welding tables and accessories support the workpiece to improve efficiency and accuracy during welding tasks. Browse through this category for various welding and soldering supplies available in Zambian stores.