Double Headed 28" Pry Bar. Reliable. Durable
Welding Chipping Hammer forged welding economic chisels, forged steel structures and shock-absorbing handles Chipping material is 45 steel, the overall forging, cutter head processing and processing Welding and cleaning hand tools for welding, impact embroidering, welding slag removal Spiral barrel spring type handles with springy shock-proof design at the end with hook handle Flat and double-tailed product net weight 0.3kg, easy to use and flexible. Conical nose tip surface paint treatment, smooth and scratch-free.
Hardened and tempered. Stamped alloy steel. Integral nail lifter.
Rubber head helps minimize marring and surface damage Quality beech wooden handle Perfect for construction, woodworking and automotive applications The accurate precision can be guaranteed
Product Name 20oz Claw Wooden Handle Hammer For Multi-Purpose use Material Carbon Steel Size 20 oz Handle material Wooden Handle Feature An indispensable tool use for home improvement, DIY assembly, public works construction company. This tool has unsurpassed balance.
It is the most commonly used mallet. ... Copper, brass and leaden mallets are typically used on machinery to apply force to parts with a reduced risk of damaging them, and to avoid sparks. As these metals are softer than steel, the mallet is deformed by any excessive force, rather than any steel object it is hitting.
Staple Gun Kit the kit includes Staple Gun+type Staples. This suit can meet your different needs and save your time Pressure setting adjustable pressure setting can make sure you get the right pressure by your hand by manual operation 3-in-1 Staple Gun special binding groove easily allows insertion of Door-type, U-type and T-type staples to meet various tacking needs Long-lasting Durability adopting premium eco-friendly steel, anti-abrasive and corrosion resisting, super sturdy, heavy duty and durable Multi Functionfor upholstery, wood working, ceiling tiles, rack and roofing
Hand-held sanding tool
Head holds vibration dampening shot for increase power & control Extreme durability for the toughest jobs Use for automotive work, woodworking, sheet metal forming and other precision work Perfect for the automotive garage setting Comfortable, durable vinyl grip for a stronghold in all conditions
The trowel is designed with a special high wear resistant steel plate and corrosion protection with colourless varnish. Notched Trowel has the open handle with two textures and an open grip for ergonomics. Use Trowel for easy adhesive application. Jagged trowel size: 2/3″ x 2/3″ Comparable to 3/8″ x 3/8″ notched trowel.A Notched trowel is used to "comb" adhesives and setting materials onto various surfaces before tiles are applied to it. "Square" or "V" shaped notches are used to notch the trowel. It is best not to attempt to apply tile adhesives or setting material to surfaces without using a notched trowel to apply it.
The long arm design reduces to a minimum the amount of effort required to set rivets up to 6.4mm diameter, the Rveter is supplied complete with five interchangeable nozzles for all popular rivet sizes. This industrial grade tool is perfect for use in garages, coachworks, boat building yards, agricultural machine workshops and general maintenance workshops. High performance three jaws gripping system with built-in mandrel collector. Rivet sizes 3.2mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 6mm, and 6.4mm
Wood Working Bar F Clamp Quick Release Bar Clamp Tool
Scissors are must have in the classroom,at home and the office. These brand new scissors have a 2 mm thick blade with an ergonomic handle.