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VOS 1000EC image
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VOS 1000EC
Used for insect control in food-storage areas, green-houses, and barns, and control of insects on livestock.
Meso Trione 480 SC image
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A suspension concentrate (SC) formulation containing mesotrione, a broad systemic herbicide which as been optimised for acidic conditions.
Quick Zalofop 40%EC image
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Quick Zalofop 40%EC is a herbicide used to protect crops from harmful pests. If your a farmer this will help ensure your crops are protected.
Aceta 20SL image
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Aceta 20SL
Controls all sucking insect pests including thrips, whiteflies and aphids in vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and citrus. This product has unique translaminar activity keep protection on both sides of the leaf surface due to translocation of the chemical through leaf cells.
Falfen 25 image
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Falfen 25
Falfen 25 post emergence selective herbicide for broad leaf weeds. Controls broad leaf weeds in soy, peanuts and beans.
Proplex 16.9% SC image
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Proplex 16.9% SC
Vita 48% EC image
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Vita 48% EC
Vita 48% EC is an emulsifiable concentrate contact insecticide for the control of pests in order to protect various crops.
Korovil 50 SC image
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Korovil 50 SC
Korovil 50SC is a wide spectrum fungicide with eradicate and protective activity. It is particularly effective against powdery mildew on cash, coffee leaf rust and other crops
Kicktic 12.5 EC image
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Kicktic 12.5 EC
Helps in the control and treatment of ectoparasites like ticks, mites, lice. This is the best solution to save your cattle and calf from tick and flea infestation.
Top Star 350 SC image
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Top Star 350 SC is formulated to fight against resistant fungi and their spores. Newer technologies are adding the advantages of easy dissolution and dispersion, complete coverage, lower dosages to our formulations.
Sweep 41%SL image
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Sweep 41%SL
Formulated for sustained weed-control at all stages of the crop growth. In the interest of the environment, this product offers the right alternative solutions to crop burn down. It has been developed to tackle the increasing problem of glyphosate-resistance and to kill weeds.
Pro-Dust - Grain Storage Dust image
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Controlling grain dust is a valuable part of good grain storage management. Pro-Dust - Grain Storage Dust is an efficient and outstanding post-harvest insecticide solution for use against grain storage pests.

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