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A suspension concentrate (SC) formulation containing mesotrione, a broad systemic herbicide which as been optimised for acidic conditions.
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Quick Zalofop 40%EC is a herbicide used to protect crops from harmful pests. If your a farmer this will help ensure your crops are protected.
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Falfen 25 post emergence selective herbicide for broad leaf weeds. Controls broad leaf weeds in soy, peanuts and beans.
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Formulated for sustained weed-control at all stages of the crop growth. In the interest of the environment, this product offers the right alternative solutions to crop burn down. It has been developed to tackle the increasing problem of glyphosate-resistance and to kill weeds.
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Crop damage by insects is a major problem and has the potential to affect yields. This product is formulated to effectively control and kill insects that may attack your crops. As a farmer, you will be able to produce bigger crops on less land as well as increase crop productivity.
Paraquat dichloride, during photosynthesis, superoxide is generated, which damages cell membranes and cytoplasm. Non-selective contact herbicide, absorbed by foliage, with some translocation in xylem.

Herbicides for sale in Zambia

A herbicide is a pesticide used to kill unwanted plants. Selective herbicides kill certain targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. Some of these act by interfering with the growth of the weed and are often based on plant hormones. Herbicides, also commonly known as weedkillers, are substances used to control unwanted plants. Selective herbicides control specific weed species while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. Although herbicides are designed to target plants, they can also be toxic to humans and wildlife. Herbicides vary greatly in their environmental impact, and more specifically, their toxicity and persistence in the environment.