Controls aphids, shieldbugs, whitefly and other insects
Controls aphids, shieldbugs, whitefly and other insects
An anti-termite product that preserves wood from termites. For prevention and, if you already have termites in the house, for killing them.
An emulsifiable concentrate and stomach insecticide for the control of fruitfly, codling moth, American bollworm, snout beetles, leafminers
Antokil Insecticide Broad spectrum insecticide for agricultural use, public health and termite control
Systemic Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide. A systemic emulsifiable concentrate insecticide for use in the home and garden. A contact and stomach poison for the control of insects as listed. Features: Systemic action – absorbed by plants. Effective against most sucking insects. Economical and highly concentrated formulation. For use on most ornamentals, rose, citrus and vegetables.
Ecoterex controls FALL ARMYWORM and STALKBORER. Cost-effective application rate is 4kg per ha. The Application needs no spraying equipment – use hands with a glove or shaker. Ecoterex applied at any stage of the crop before tasseling. 3 modes of action and 2 active ingredients for resistance management. For good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) use Ecoterex 0.5 GR.
Domino Gel Bait is a scientifically tested ready to use gel bait to control all common species of cockroaches including American, Oriental and German and their nymphs. Ant and cockroach gel baits contain the same active ingredients. These pesticides are also effective against ant colonies. The gels are placed along ant trails and other areas that are infested with ants. The ants eat the gel, then take it back to the nest to share, spreading the pesticide through the entire colony.
A suspension concentrate insecticide for the control of ants and the protection of buildings against subterranean wood destroying termites.
Aerosol Insecticide Dispenser, Automatic Metered Aerosol Dispenser
Wefcomatic Pro aerosol is a metered insecticide aerosol developed for the control of both flies and mosquitoes. Wefcomatic Pro metered aerosol is designed to provide 24 hour control of flies and mosquitoes for a 30 day period under continuous operation. Wefcomatic Pro aerosol has been approved for use in kitchens, food preparation and other sensitive areas.
For the control of adult houseflies associated with animal production, industrial and public health areas. Outside: Abattoirs, animal housing, garbage containers, food processing plants. Around: Industrial sites, feedlot manure, heaps, garbage dumps. Inside: Animal houses ONLY in areas inaccessible to livestock Under: Animal and poultry cages ONLY in areas inaccessible to livestock. Active ingredient: 10g/kg methomyl (an anti-cholinesterase compound)
Controls: Stored grain insect pests, weevils, larger and lesser grain borers, moths, dried bean beetle
Controls: Stored grain insect pests, weevils, larger and lesser grain borers, moths, dried bean beetle
Cislin is an insecticide for insects such as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, fishmoths, tobacco beetles and ants.
An emulsifiable concentrate contact insecticide. Kills bedbugs, cockroaches, skin- and hide beetles and larvae (dermestidae).