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VOS 1000EC image
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VOS 1000EC
Used for insect control in food-storage areas, green-houses, and barns, and control of insects on livestock.
Aceta 20SL image
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Aceta 20SL
Controls all sucking insect pests including thrips, whiteflies and aphids in vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and citrus. This product has unique translaminar activity keep protection on both sides of the leaf surface due to translocation of the chemical through leaf cells.
Proplex 16.9% SC image
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Proplex 16.9% SC
Vita 48% EC image
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Vita 48% EC
Vita 48% EC is an emulsifiable concentrate contact insecticide for the control of pests in order to protect various crops.
Kicktic 12.5 EC image
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Kicktic 12.5 EC
Helps in the control and treatment of ectoparasites like ticks, mites, lice. This is the best solution to save your cattle and calf from tick and flea infestation.
Pro-Dust - Grain Storage Dust image
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Controlling grain dust is a valuable part of good grain storage management. Pro-Dust - Grain Storage Dust is an efficient and outstanding post-harvest insecticide solution for use against grain storage pests.
Supathion 50EC image
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Supathion 50EC
This chemical causes death to insect pests such as aphids, whiteflies, semi-looper, weevils, stinkbugs, Tuta, moths, stalk borers, cutworms, and leaf miners. They kill pests by means of stomach poisoning, respiratory poisoning, and nervous system poisoning.
Mectine 1.8 EC image
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Mectine 1.8 EC
Insects have the potential to destroy your whole field. Avoid this by getting this product to help you kill and control insects. Protect crop losses and increase your yield with Mectine 1.8 EC.
Alutabs 56% image
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Alutabs 56%
Alutabs 56% is used as a rodenticide, insecticide and fumigant for stored cereal grains. It is a phosphine generating protector which controls all types of insect pests, mites and rodents that attach stored food grains and commodities.
Falprid 20SL image
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Falprid 20SL
Formulated to control and kill insects, Falprid 20SL is your perfect choice for healthy crops. It will help you grow more food on less land by protecting your crops from insects. Raise your productivity per hectare by getting this product.
Benzo Extra  5% WDG image
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Benzo Extra 5% WDG
Benzo Extra is the perfect insecticide for you especially if you are a cotton, okra, cabbage, fruit or tomato farmer. It's a highly effective acaricide and insecticide and deals with the larva of the all those insects terrorising your produce. Benzo Extra is the best for effective control.
Bolt 315.4% EW image
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Bolt 315.4% EW
Bolt is a robust two active ingredient insecticide with different modes of action. It controls Fall Army Worms, Maize Stalk Borer and Sorghum Stem Borer in Maize and Sweetcorn. It has excellent penetration into the maize funnel where the larvae feed from. Bolt is a contact, stomach and respiratory insecticide that has an excellent knockdown effect.

Insecticides for sale in Zambia

Are you having an insect infestation at your farm or home? In this section, you will discover a wide variety of effective insecticides to control, eliminate and prevent insects from attacking your crops or property. They are packaged in various quantities and forms including sprays, dusts, gels and baits. Zambian suppliers listed below always ensure that their personnel receives ongoing training and education so that they can professionally advise you on the best insecticide/s to use for your problem as well as treatment method/s. If you run a pest control company or maybe you want to buy in bulk, some suppliers offer wholesale prices and deliveries to ensure you receive what you need at an affordable price and convenient time.

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