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Prilled Urea image
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Prilled Urea
Prilled Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer manufactured by the reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide. Fertilizer grade urea is a white, free flowing prilled (spherical) solid with a small amount of organic material as a conditioner or anti-caking agent. Concentrations of low biuret Prilled Urea are less than 0.5%.
Super Veg Feed image
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Super Veg Feed
A highly concentrated fertilizer especially suited for high yield vegetables like indeterminate(or vining) tomatoes cabbage, potatoes and many more.
Ammonium Sulphate image
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It's high nitrogen content is what makes it the perfect supplement for nitrogen deficient soils and lawns, alike.
Soya Mix A  image
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Soya Mix A
A blended fertiliser enriched with 25% of lime, saving the farmer from buying lime separately and is tailored for all the legumes as a basal fertiliser. It is the best for growing soybeans, groundnuts and beans.
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) image
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Calcium ammonium nitrate enables plants to grow wide leaves of rich green colour, and does not acidify the soil or negatively impact soil biological activities with long term use. Plants are enriched not only with nitrogen but also with magnesium and calcium.
Murate Of Potash (MOP) image
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Muriate of potash, also know as potassium chloride contains 60% potash. Potash is essential for plant growth and quality. It plays a vital role in the production of proteins and sugars. It also protects against draught by maintaining plants water content which in turn is a benefit for photosynthesis as leafs maintain their shape and vigor
Starke Aryes Tomato Top image
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Phosphorous is crucial for the growth and development of roots as well as fruit. It is, therefore, an important nutrient in the initial stage and then again in the final stage. Nitrogen takes care of the foliage, but too much nitrogen leads to bushy plants with little or no fruit. Potassium helps the plant grow rapidly and produce flowers and fruit. But it's very important when it comes to photosynthesis and tolerance to some diseases.
Compound S image
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Compound S
Compound S fertilizers using basic fertilizer materials, such as ammonia (NH₃), ammonium phosphate, urea, sulfur (S) and potassium (K) salts. ... The nitro phosphate process involves reacting the phosphate rock with nitric acid to form a mixture of compounds containing N and P.
Maize Mix image
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Maize Mix
Maize plants need different amounts of nutrient at different stages of growth. Different fertilizers, for example, DAP, NPK, and CAN provide the nutrients that maize plants need. For the plants to get the nutrients when they need them, apply fertilizers at the right time. The time you apply fertilizer to your maize will affect how much you will harvest. Good timing of the fertilizer application increases yields reduces loss of nutrients and prevents damage to the environment.
Starke Aryes Tomato Basal image
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Tomatoes require more nutrients throughout the crop season for high production. Nevertheless, proper nutrition is achieved through basal production. Basal fertilizers are applied around the roots area of the plant.
Calcium Nitrate  image
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Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a multi-purpose fertilizer which can be utilized in feeding plants as well as treating or preventing disease, particularly among fruiting plants. It contains both calcium and nitrogen and can, therefore, be used to treat plants that have deficiencies of either of these nutrients.
Lawn And Garden  image
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Lawn And Garden is a blended granular fertilizer suitable for lawns, flower beds, shrubs. It contains N-12, P-4 and K-8. Lawn is exactly what you need to have a strong self sustaining lawn with leafy growth and aesthetic appeal.

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