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Acetacure 20 SL Insecticide image
A systemic water-soluble concentrate insecticide with contact and stomach action. Acetacure 20 SL is broad spectrum systemic insecticide which effectively controls all sucking insect pests like thrips, whiteflies and aphids in Sugarcane, cotton, citrus & vegetables. It has unique translaminar activity keep protection on both sides of the leaf surface due to translocation of the chemical through leaf cells.
Benzocure 5 SG Insecticide image
A water-soluble granular translaminar insecticide with stomach action for the control of American Bollworm, Armyworm, Tomato semi-looper in tomatoes. Benzocure 5 SG is a non-systemic insecticide which penetrates in leaf tissues by trans-laminar Movement with excellent controlling of borers and ball worms of Lepidoptera group. Benzocure 5 SG stops Lepidoptera feeding within hours of ingestion, preventing subsequent crop kills larvae even within the egg before hatching to increase residual activity.
Glyphocure 48% SL Herbicide image
Glyphocure 48% SL is a non-selective herbicide, being active only when applied postemergence to undesired plants. The action is slow, the maximum effect is only visible after 2 weeks of application. Irrigation a few days prior to application of Glyphocure 48 SL ensures that weeds are growing actively, resulting in optimum efficacy. do not spray on dormant weeds, and covered with dust or under cold conditions. For the control of annual weeds in bush and low trellised vines older than two years, apply before bud brust. Make sure uniform coverage to achieve the best results. If there is Rain or irrigation within 6 - 8 hours of application then it can reduce Glyphocure 48 SL efficacy on weeds.
MiteCure Acaricide/Insecticide image
Mitecure 8% EC is an acaricide/insecticide for the control of mites, leaf miner with exceptionally low dose rate, it has a very good fit in IPM/ICM programmes, not affecting populations of beneficial insects.
Termicure Super 30.5 SC Insecticide image
Termicure Super 30.5 SC is a new generation insecticide for termite control. It Is a systemic & contact insecticide for the control of termites in buildings as both pre & post construction treatments. Termicure Super 30.5 SC spreads in all the directions by a process called Lateral Soil Moment ensuring through soil coverage and it is odourless, & has low toxicity towards peoples and pets. It has contact and systemic action & impairs physiological activity of termites. Termites stop feeding after spraying and get killed within a few days.
Calcium Nitrate image
Calcium Nitrate
Calcium nitrate is inorganic nitrate salt of calcium. It has a role as a fertilizer. It is an inorganic nitrate salt and a calcium salt. It contains a calcium(2+). Calcium nitrate.

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The use of agrochemicals is an increasingly prominent aspect of modern agriculture. As farms have become huge in size, the challenges farmers face in keeping the crops free of damage have increased. Agrochemicals are chemicals used in agriculture, to help plants and crops grow and stay safe. Agrochemicals were mainly manufactured to protect agricultural crops from pests and for augmenting crop yields. Examples of agrochemicals include fertilizers, liming and acidifying agents (which are designed to change the pH), soil conditioners, pesticides, and chemicals used in the raising of livestock such as antibiotics and hormones. Browse through this category for various agrochemicals available in Zambian stores.

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