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A new generation, highly effective non-ionic surfactant and wetter, based on unique organo-modified siloxane technology, providing super spreading of nutrient spray mixtures
Super Link - Tank mix & compatibility agent is a new generation coupling agent designed to resolubilize fertilizer salts that react and precipitate (fall out). This generally occurs when trace elements react with a phosphate-based fertilizer. Super Link can also resolubilize precipitation from irrigation and bore water.
This is an indicator of complexometry. Causes serious eye irritation. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment. Suitable for laboratory use only.
This product is used to remove RNase & DNA contamination, decontaminates pipettors, cleans glassware, plasticware, and stainless steel. No mixing is required, the product is ready for use.

Chemical Reagent Products for sale in Zambia

Chemical reagents are chemical substances and their mixtures used in laboratories to perform syntheses, analyses, determinations of the content of various substances, distribution of sample constituents and carrying out broadly understood scientific and research work. Chemical reagent products are available both in the form of solids (granules, powders, pastilles), as well as liquids – solutions with specific concentrations. When choosing chemical reagents, it is worth considering the economic aspect, as not every analysis requires the use of the highest quality preparations, which cost the most. Browse through this category for various chemical reagent products available in Zambian stores.