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A basal fertilizers for fruiting vegetables such as tomato, impwa, eggplant etc
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A foliar fertilizer for all vegetables at the vegetative stage Fertilizer for Vegetables: Improve the quality and yield of your vegetables with Veggie OEMFF® from Kynoch. Veggie OEMFF® together with other essential fertilizer products have been specially formulated to meet the needs of the specific growth stages of your vegetable crops.
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As a top fertilizer for fruiting vegetables such as tomato, impwa, eggplant etc. A highly concentrated fertilizer especially suited for high yield vegetables, eg Indeterminate tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, etc
Ammonium nitrate enhances plant growth and provides a ready supply of nitrogen in gardens and large scale agricultural fields.
It's high nitrogen content is what makes it the perfect supplement for nitrogen deficient soils and lawns, alike.
The blended fertilizer delivers nutrients to the banana crop according to what is needed as it is nutritionally balanced while alleviating deficiency problems.
Get higher yields with our organic enriched Blended D. Blended Compound D is organically enriched to improve overall soil health i.e bio-diversity, water retention. And provides a good foundation for your potential crop.
Calcium ammonium nitrate enables plants to grow wide leaves of rich green colour, and does not acidify the soil or negatively impact soil biological activities with long term use. Plants are enriched not only with nitrogen but also with magnesium and calcium.
Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a multi-purpose fertilizer which can be utilized in feeding plants as well as treating or preventing disease, particularly among fruiting plants. It contains both calcium and nitrogen and can, therefore, be used to treat plants that have deficiencies of either of these nutrients.
Kynoplus fertilizer has the highest Nitrogen concentration compared to ordinary Urea fertilizer. Its high Nitrogen concentration property leads to a greater yield and lower input costs which in turn results in higher profitability.
Lawn And Garden is a blended granular fertilizer suitable for lawns, flower beds, shrubs. It contains N-12, P-4 and K-8. Lawn is exactly what you need to have a strong self sustaining lawn with leafy growth and aesthetic appeal.
Fruit Tree Mix is applied as a blended fertilizer for fruit trees 30 days after planting for productive orchard yielding 7.5 to 15 tons per lima.

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