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Protective anit-corrosion and waterproofing
Primer for exterior and internal surface
This is an exterior paint with the colour peach. It is smooth and offers an ultimate protection for your walls.
This is an exterior paint with the colour tango 11. It has a smooth formulation which covers large areas fast.
This is an exterior sandtex paint with the colour highland falls. It protects from dirt and will help you achieve that perfect undercoat.
Sandtex paint with colour ebony is an exterior paint which ensures that our walls are dirt resistant and it offers great protection all around the house.
Sandtex paint with the colour wild mushroom is an exterior paint which provides ultimate protection through its flexible coating which resists peeling.

Paints & Coatings for sale in Zambia

Interior or exterior painting will transform the appearance of your house/building, protect it from harsh weather conditions, insects as well as increase its value. In this category, you will discover an extensive range of interior and exterior paints as well as coatings for your painting projects. They come in a variety of colours and textures to suit your requirements. Brands available include but are not limited to Dulux, Plascon, HarveyCote, Colors and Colosol. Whether you are looking for paint for PVA, gloss enamel, roof paint, red oxide, bituminous or sandtex paint, you are guaranteed to find the best paint.