The galvanised tubing provides a protective zinc coating that prevents rust. It has excellent strength and durability.
This is a wire used for tying rebars at the joints in construction to keep a structure intact.
Galvanised MS plate sheets are stainless and are of different kinds.
The GI roofing corner flash is a material that is installed at the corners of the wall panel.
These are roofing sheets that are designed to cover the CGI sheets at the top of the roof.
These are roofing materials used for Industrial panels, roofing and siding for painting.
This is material used for roofing homes, agricultural and industrial buildings. It is durable and cost effective.
Steel Valley builds water tanks and reservoirs using the best steel to the highest of standards in order to ensure water quality and longevity. Tanks and reservoirs are built to withstand the elements, stand the test of time and deliver to your specifications.
Made to be versatile, light duty racking is suitable for small parts and accessories. These are great for storage in shops, office and even homes. Now you can have well organised storage which is accessible and easy to manage.
Great space savers that allow businesses to use vertical space rather than floor space. These racks are designed for the easy movement of forklifts. Heavy duty racking is safe and enables efficient use of manpower.
Mezzanine floors increase storage by acting as an extra floor between the ground and ceiling. Mezzanines open up new storage areas in what would otherwise be inaccessible vertical space.
2000mm x 80mm x 100mm
1720mm x 25mm x 240mm
580mm x 75mm x 125mm
1700mm x 370mm
1550mm x 56mm x 370mm
1550mm x 56mm x 370mm
1550mm x 100mm x 130mm
1550mm x 100mm x 130mm
1720mm x 95mm x 125mm
Leaves a lustrous, lasting, protective film on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces. The doublenapped, 100% cotton flannel cloth is impregnated with pure silicone and then packaged in a convenient reclosable poly bag, staying clean and moist after use. Use on firearms, sporting equipment and precision instruments to safely remove dust and corrosive fingerprints.