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A high quality hose with a flame retardant outer
Butchers Requisites > Meat Trays > Freddy Hirsch Plastic Meat Tray - Large
Butchers Requisites > Meat Trays > Freddy Hirsch Plastic Meat Tray - Small
240 litres
Available in different sizes.
Green 2000L water tank.
Black 500L water tank.
Green 3000L water tank.
Green 10000L water tank.
Black 5000L water tank.
Black 200L water tank.

Rubber & Plastics for sale in Zambia

Companies in Zambia under this industry make a wide range of products by processing raw rubber and plastics. Here, you will discover a full line of products including water tanks, waste bins, hose pipes, PVC ID cards, rubber bands, buffers just to mention a few. For products made in Zambia, manufacturers possess advanced production and testing equipment. Their products are guaranteed to meet your expectations for quality and reliability - they also meet international standards. Plastic and rubber are made from the same families of polymers. A polymer is made up of many many molecules strung together to form long chains. One well-known natural rubber polymer is polyisoprene or natural rubber from the sap of hevea trees in Central America.