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Beyond Contention and Contract to Contentment and Commitment, singles often ask, 'How can I be with the one I love?' Married people sometimes ask, 'How can I love the one I'm with?' Hollywood has managed to make unfaithfulness and marriage break-up titillating. The fact is that the consequences are devasting not just for the spouses, but for the children of the marriage. Jeffrey and Pattijean Brown stress that marriage is not about finding the right person, but about being the right person. They answer such questions as "What do you do when your marriage is not all you expected?", "How can conflicts within marriage be resolved?", "How can marital sex be made more fulfilling?", "How can a dead or dying marriage be brought back to life beyond children?" Dr. and Mrs. Brown cut through the Hollywood tinsel to the experience of The Total Marriage - Looking, Liking, Learning, Living and Loving.
Imagine you go to see your doctor. You are worried about your health. It maybe diabetes, cardiac problems, or high pressure. Maybe you are dealing with some apparently serious disease, or you are simply feeling stressed, anguished, over-weighed or you are not getting good sleep. All you want is to be checked-up by the physician and get the necessary instructions to recover your health, but without hurry and not only on pills. You want something that will really help you to change your lifestyle and feel good again. The time that you invest in reading this book will be like spending a couple of hours in the doctor's office, kindly talking with him. He takes time to clarify your doubts and provides you guidance on the best way you can do things to the benefit of your health, on how to feel better and have more energy to enjoy life. 101 Secrets to a Healthy Life will help you to improve your lifestyle in order to have good health.
The healing agents of nature provide health and well being, with almost no side effect or contraindications: 1) Water, air, sunlight, climate and earth. 2) Movement and rest. 3) Diet. 4) A positive mental attitude, and avoidance of toxic substances. As a result of his wide experience in natural medicine, Dr. Schneider explains the way natural agents act in practical and scientific terms. This volume deals with the treatment and prevention of more than two hundred diseases through natural means.
The healing power of natural agents provides health and well being, with almost no side effect or contraindications: 1) Water, air, sunlight, climate and earth. 2) Movement and rest. 3) Diet. 4) A positive mental attitude, and avoidance of toxic substances. As a result of his wide experience in natural medicine, Dr. Schneider explains the way natural agents act in practical and scientific terms. This volume includes more than one hundred verified natural therapies, as well as the administration technique for each.
No Matter What Happens: Life Is Still Beautiful. We all want to be happy, but not all paths lead to this long-for goal. In order to help us find the best path and not leave it. No Matter what happens, Life Is Still Beautiful is going to show us step-by-step: 1) How to learn to be optimistic in spite of everything. 2) What we are lacking, or what we have in excess, in order to reach maturity. 3) The necessary ingredients for finding and strengthening inter-personal relationships that are enriched in all environments, including marriage and family. 4) The best method for controlling negative emotions. 5) How to obtain freedom from addictions that enslave. In these pages, we discover where to find that source of unsurpassable power that is available to everyone and that will allow us to say correctly, No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful!
“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” Unlike a thief, the Lord Jesus does not come for selfish reasons. He comes to give, not to get. He comes that people may have life in Him that is meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and eternal. We receive this abundant life the moment we accept Him as our Savior.
Someone to love me. That's all she wanted- all anyone really wants. We are all like addicts, " sinaholics," says the author, trying to feel a void in our hearts designed for God's love with various addictions. Mary Magdalene. She was a prosperous but miserable prostitute until she met someone who saved her through pure, unconditional love. Even afterward the shame of her past was eclipsed by her devotion to the One who set her free. Doug Batchelor unveils the beauty of the gospel through the eyes of Jesus' most dedicated disciple. Discover a fresh picture of a gentle, loving Saviour who without condemning or condoning our past offers us a new future as we, like Mary, linger at Jesus' feet.
When it comes to Dating & Sex. Where do you draw the line? In His love, God made us male and female with all the delights of being attracted to someone and sharing our love with this special person. This He did long before sin entered the world, but over the years, because of sin, we have moved further and further away from the ideal. Let's Talk: Dating & Sex seeks to reveal the beauty of human sexuality and God's intentions. It is an attempt to be proactive about the challenges youth face while speaking about sex in positive terms. Issues are faced head-on include: 1) Why talk about sex? 2) What to do while single. 3) Do I like you or do I love you? 4) Pressures from within and without. 5) What the Bible says about sex. 6) How to deal with sexual temptation. Written with openness, honesty and humour, Let's Talk: Dating & Sex is a must-read for anyone who lives in the real world where following God's ideal is rarely fashionable. It is hoped that those who read this book will be inspired and strengthened to live this ideal and reap the blessings God has in store for them!
Africans have always held marriage in very high esteem. Pastor Daniel Chuunga has in this book - Enjoy Your Marriage: African Secrets Lessons on Marriage, giving the reader a rare opportunity to walk through the timeless, profound, secretive, and sometimes meaningless African wedding and honeymoon are well discussed in the context of Christian beliefs. If you are an African, this is a great opportunity to re-visit your roots and re-introduce some of the exciting teachings in this book in your marriage. If you are not African, this is an opportunity to explore the amazing world of African traditional teachings on marriage.
In book II, Pastor Daniel Chuunga discusses the intricate details of married life: its pleasures, its memorable moments as well as its sticky issues- conflict management, step-parenting, dealing with in-laws, dealing with finances, dealing with death and widowhood. Pastor Chuunga makes it very clear that marriage can be enjoyed immensely. In fact, that is African teaching on marriage. If your marriage is at its peak, read this book to enhance your enjoyment. If your marriage is on the rocks, these wise African teachings on enjoying your marriage can rejuvenate your marriage.
There is only one answerable argument for Christianity: a loving and lovable Christian. A Christian whose religion consists of a profession without practice, words without deeds, is a phony. Bottom-line Christianity involves a life in which the Holy Spirit dwells. In such a life the lovely things of Spirit come to fruition. They are the unconquerable agape love of Jesus and its eight facets: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. George Brown's The Fruit of the Spirit is a classic exposition of the Spirit-filled life. Dr. Brown is an internationally known preacher and author and, for many years, the spiritual leader of millions of Christians in the Caribbean and Inter-America.
Noah has an important job. He needs to build a huge ark and fill it with animals too. Now there are things and animals along the way he needs help to find, like the hammer, the hen and the hedgehog. Are you ready to help Noah? If so, on your marks, set, find!
Your children will treasure the insights from Ellen White's book, Steps to Christ, briefly summarized here in simple words that they can easily understand and accompanied by vivid pictures for them to colour in. Pointers for discussion and prayer can also be found at the back, allowing you to connect with your child, and your child to connect with God.
Sam pretends one of the branches in the apricot tree is a horse. He rides it like a cowboy and the inevitable happens. Find out how he tries to 'fix the tree and what he learns about forgiveness.
What would it feel like to God and make a wonderful world? What would it feel like if your beautiful world was ruined? Tim and Susie wonder about these big questions while they build sandcastles on the bench. Join in their adventures when disaster strikes and they learn how to look after God's wonderful world.
12 Little Stories for Little People: 1) Why Sarah laugh? 2) Why was Pharaoh puzzled? 3) Why was Deborah mad? 4) Why was Gideon worried? 5) Why was Daniel scared? 6) Why did Elijah hide? 7) Why was David brave? 8) Why was Jeremiah sad? 9) Why did Nehemiah work so hard? 10) Why was Andrew surprised? 11) Why was Mary embarrassed? 12) Why was the Shepard glad?
Two thousand years ago, Jesus was born in a faraway land called Palestine in the town of Bethlehem. The Puzzle Block Bible series is a new fun way to teach young children their favorite Bible stories. As they play with the puzzle blocks, they will repeat the stories over and over again and slowly work them into their imagination and their faith.
Written from the heart of a pastor who is passionate about nurturing healthy Christian families, Parenting for Heaven will equip parents and all those who work children with the skills needed to guide youngsters into saving faith. With the focus always on cultivating spiritual values, the author shares reliable research, biblical wisdom, and personal anecdotes with insight and humor. Not only will this book help parents gain insight into important topics like understanding their children and helping them develop godly self-esteem, but it will also highlight the need for parents to be spiritually anchored before they can establish the spiritual well - being of their children. What was Noah's parenting secret'? How did Moses' parents who only had a few short years of influence in his life instill the values that were the foundation for his godly leadership? And what should parents do if they feel that their best efforts have not been enough? Answers to these and many other vital questions are explored in this colourful practical book.
Do you sometimes feel like the Christian life is just a long list of do's and don'ts? As a faithful church-goer, are you trying with all your might to be good, only to end up failing to keep your promises time after time? Alejandro Bullon simply and profoundly presents episodes from the lives of various biblical characters to draw out lessons that can be applied to our modern Christian walk. We are inspired by Joseph's devotion to the God he loved, David's determination to prove to the world that 'there is a God in Israel', and Samuel's eagerness to hear God's voice. We are warned against the rebellious self-sufficiency of Cain and Esau's disdain for the things of God. And we are encouraged by God's providence in the life of Moses, His tender concern for the banished Ishmael, and His patience and forgiveness towards a deceitful Jacob. These and many other insights will help you to finally learn what the abundant Christian life is all about, a discovery that will inspire you to declare, 'I live for Jesus'.
With more than 1,000 stickers and cute, colorful illustrations, there are plenty of opportunities to make timeless Bible stories stick with this interactive Bible Sticker Storybook.
The Family Bible is the world's great teacher of life of one man and one woman in marriage as the basis of the family. Whatever may be said about the time of the writing of the books of the Bible, or of parts of them, the testimony of the whole is incontrovertible to the point that marriage springs from the choice of one man and one woman of each other for a permanent family relation. Over and through the whole of the Bible, this ideal is dominant. There may be instances shown here and there of violation of this rule. But such cases are to be regarded as contrary to the underlying principle of marriage known even at the time of their occurrence to be antagonistic to the principle.