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Get to grips with Sage 50 Accounts in simple steps This comprehensive guide walks you through every aspect of setting up and using Sage 50 Accounts, from installing the software to running VAT returns and producing monthly and yearly accounts. Inside you?ll discover the quickest way to complete tasks and how to customise Sage to suit your specific business needs. Packed with step-by-step instructions and fully illustrated with screenshots, this book is the easiest way to get the most from Sage 50 Accounts and take control of your business finances. * Completely up-to-date for the 2012 edition of Sage 50 software * Set up and start using Sage 50 Accounts with minimum fuss * Fully illustrated with the latest screenshots to help you every step of the way * Guidance on going mobile – with the new Sage 50 app * Details on the new Sage Quicksearch feature.
“Property and You: 5 Steps to Develop the property investor in you”, written by Chisebwe Fumbeshi of Fairworld Properties Limited in Zambia gives out the steps for success in property investment. The Book is for everyone thinking of property investment or already investing. It’s written in an informal style and is an easy, yet engaging read. Mindset and taking positive action are stand-out themes of this book. With the right attitude and tools you can get started and become a property investor. Property and You is structured into the following steps with each step having 4-6 chapters: Step 1: Develop your property knowledge Step 2: Develop the right attitude towards property investment Step 3: Develop a network support of experts Step 4: Develop clear understanding of your property investment goals Step 5: Develop a SMART action plan We all want freedom, choice, time and financial stability. Property and You shows how you can achieve them.
In business, survival depends on meeting objectives. Most failures in organizations today are not the result of a lack of smarts, they are caused by a lack of execution — things just don’t get done. Defining a clear strategy and setting goals is one thing, sticking to strategy and meeting those goals is quite another.
From the multimillion-copy bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleÑhailed as the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth CenturyÑThe 3rd Alternative introduces a breakthrough approach to conflict resolution and creative problem solving.
Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is a roadmap for those who want to become successful investors and invest in the types of assets that the rich do. Whether your goal is to become financially secure, comfortable, or rich this book is your guide to understanding the asset classes and investment strategy. Robert explains his basic rules of investing, how to reduce your risk and Rich Dad’s 10 Investor Controls as well as ways to convert your earned income into passive portfolio income.
Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? In the sequel to Rich Dad Poor Dad, learn how the role you play in the business world affects your ability to become financially free. There are four types of people who make up the world of business but it’s the business owners and the investors (not the employees and the self-employed) who can create great wealth by accelerating their cash flow through those assets. A Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant is perfect for individuals interested in finding new ways to generate cash flow; this book delivers tools for great success.
Rich Dad Poor Dad, the #1 Personal Finance book of all time, tells the story of Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads
A riveting insider account of the rise, culture and influence of Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant that is changing the face of global business. In September 2014, a Chinese company that most Westerners had never heard of held the largest IPO in history – bigger than Google, Facebook and Twitter combined. Alibaba, now the world’s largest e-commerce company, mostly escaped Western notice for over ten years, while building a customer base larger than Amazon’s, and handling the bulk of e-commerce transactions in China. How did it happen? And what was it like to be along for such a revolutionary ride?
This well-known text draws on an extensive range of sources and materials to present a thorough, yet clear, introduction to the subject of industrial or employee relations for those studying at undergraduate, postgraduate or post-experience level.
The expert authors of this leading text present a thorough introduction to HRM by exploring a variety of perspectives, styles and arguments. It takes a rigorous, critical approach that makes contemporary developments in Human Resource Management accessible to students.
The role of the accommodation services department has changed rapidly in recent years and the housekeeper now requires not only a greater knowledge of the technical skills involved but also an understanding of management. These changes are reflected in the fourth edition of this text, which reappraises the work of the housekeeper in residential establishments.
Wasima Shehzed (Author). The main aim of teaching English is the advancement and spread of knowledge and understanding of the language for practical and functional purposes. Therefore, teaching should be focused on the communicative needs of the learners, which include expression of their thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions. This book has been designed with the major objective of minimizing the dependency of college students on guide books and test papers, thus introducing an approach that will lead towards learner autonomy. It includes a number of activities and exercises to stimulate learners language development and will be particularly useful for those interested in poetry and effective communication. A practical guide to effective communication using poetry . This book enhances the understanding and appreciation of poetry. It develops proficiency in oral and written skills and stimulates language development.
Economic Development is the leading textbook in this field, providing a complete and balanced introduction to the requisite theory, the driving policy issues, and the latest research. Todaro and Smith take a policy-oriented approach, presenting economic theory in the context of critical policy debates and country-specific case studies so students see how theory relates to the problems and prospects of developing countries.
R. K. Sapru (Author) Development Administration is about projects, programs, policies and ideas which are focused at the development of a nation, with the point of view of socio-economic and socio-political development of society in general, carried out by talented and skilled bureaucrats.
Damodar Gujarati (Author). Gujarati and Porter’s Basic Econometrics provides an elementary but comprehensive introduction to econometrics without resorting to matrix algebra, calculus, or statistics beyond the elementary level. With the addition of over 100 new data sets, as well as significantly updated research and examples, the Fifth Edition responds to important developments in the theory and practice of econometrics. Basic Econometrics is widely used by students of all fields as the expanded topics and concrete applications throughout the text apply to a broad range of studies.
D. Ravindra Prasad (Author), Y. Pardhasaradhi (Author). With the expansion of the discipline of public administration, the need for literature on administratvie theory is being increasingly felt. This book in an attempt to fill this gap; albeit in part. The book provides an account of the ideas and contributors of twenty-one thinkers to the discipline. Each chapter covers an outline of the thinger\'s life, writings, principal contribution to the theory and a critical evaluation. This volume is weaved the study and teaching of public administration, political science, sociology and management. It offers a single source of reference on the theory of public administration; particularly the contribution of select thinkers. In this second and revised edition one chapter on administrative theory and two thinkers have been added. All chapters have been revised. Over the years the book gained recognition and has become a compulsory reading to the students and scholars of public administration. It is also an important source book for those appearing for the competitive civil service examinations at national and state levels in public administration and management.
This is an ISE edition of a practical book-keeping text which assumes no previous knowledge of the subject. It covers all basic operations from the double-entry system to the elementary interpretation of accounts, and the text is complemented with examples and diagrams which illustrate procedures.
Winner Take All is about the commodity dynamics that the world will face over the next several decades. In particular, it is about the implications of China’s rush for resources across all regions of the world.
Geoffrey Whitehead. This volume contains the answers to all the questions asked in the companion volume Success in Principles of Accounting (third edition). Together, these texts offer an introduction to book-keeping and accounting for students taking examinations such as LCCI Book-keeping