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A new edition of “The Grail” translation of the psalms, making available once more the words used in Catholic liturgical settings the world over. It presents the full contents of the “Book of Psalms”, as translated by “The Grail” and used across all the major Catholic liturgical works for more than 30 years. Reset and in a new hard-wearing hardback format, but retaining both the original explanatory notes to each psalm, and the pointing and musical notation appendix for singing of the psalms, this important translation is again available in its original form.
The word of God from Genesis to revelations. By The Bible Society of Zambia.
No Matter What Happens: Life Is Still Beautiful Enrique Chaj - We all want to be happy, but not all paths lead to this long-for goal. In order to help us find the best path and not leave it. No Matter what happens, Life Is Still Beautiiful is going to show us step-by-step: 1) How to learn to be optimistic in spite of everything. 2) What we are lacking, or what we have in excess, in order to reach maturity. 3) The necessary ingredients for finding and strengthening inter-personal relationships that are enriched in all environments, including marriage and family. 4) The best method for controlling negative emotions. 5) How to obtain freedom addictions that enslave. In these pages, we discover where to find that source of unsurpassable power that is available to everyone and that will allow us to say correctly, No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful!
Jean Lue Lezeau - “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” Unlike a thief, the Lord Jesus does not come for selfish reasons. He comes to give, not to get. He comes that people may have life in Him that is meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and eternal. We receive this abundant life the moment we accept Him as our Savior.
Doug Batchelor - The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene Someone to love me. That's all she wanted- all anyone really wants. We are all like addicts, " sinaholics," says the author, trying to feel a void in our hearts designed for God's love with various addictions. Mary Magdalene. She was a prosperous but miserable prostitute until she met someone who saved her through pure, unconditional love. Ever afterwards the shame of her past was eclipsed by her devotion to the One who set her free. Doug Batchelor unveils the beauty of the gospel through the eyes of Jesus' most dedicated disciple. Discover a fresh picture of a gentile, loving Saviour who without condemning or condoning our past offers us a new future as we, like Mary, linger at Jesus' feet.
George W. Brown - There is only one answerable argument for Christianity: a loving and lovable Christian. A Christian whose religion consists of a profession without practice, words without deeds, is a phoney. Bottom-line Christianity involves a life in which the Holy Spirit dwells. In such a life the lovely things of Spirit come to fruition. They are the unconquerable agape love of Jesus and its eight facets: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness , faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. George Brown'sThe Fruit of the Spirit is a classic exposition of the Spirit-filled life. Dr. Brown is an internationally known preacher and author and, for many years, the spiritual leader of millions of Christians in the Caribbean and Inter-America.
Alejandro Bullon - Do you sometimes feel like the Christian life is just a long list of do's and don'ts? As a faithful church-goer, are you trying with all your might to be good, only to end up failing to keep your promises time after time? Alejandro Bullon simply and profoundly presents episodes from the lives of various biblical characters to draw out lessons that can be applied to our modern Christian walk. We are inspired by Joseph's devotion to the God he loved, David's determination to prove to the world that 'there is a God in Israel', and Samuel's eagerness to hear God's voice. We are warned against the rebellious self-sufficiency of Cain and Esau's disdain for the things of God. And we are encouraged by God's providence in the life of Moses, His tender concern for the banished Ishmael, and His patience and forgiveness toward a deceitful Jacob. These and many other insights will help you to finally learn what the abundant Christian life is all about,a discovery which will inspire you to declare, 'I live for Jesus'.
The Family Bible is the world's great teacher of life of one man and one woman in marriage as the basis of the family. Whatever may be said about the time of the writing of the books of the Bible, or of parts of them, the testimony of the whole is incontrovertible to the point that marriage springs from the choice of one man and one woman of each other for a permanent family relation. Over and through the whole of the Bible, this ideal is dominant. There may be instances shown here and there of violation of this rule. But such cases are to be regarded as contrary to the underlying principle of marriage--known even at the time of their occurrence to be antagonistic to the principle.
The Holy Bible will encourage a deeper and more authentic quiet time. The Bible helps you see the rich diversity of stories, characters, prophecies, rewards, and hope contained within Scripture, you will discover wisdom to sustain you in every season, drawing you deeper into God’s life-changing and inspired Word.
Robert J. Wieland- A Message for Modern Man The Book of prophet Daniel has likewise endured and survived all the attacks of those who would oppose the inspiration of the Scriptures. Modern discoveries of buried records in the Middle East confirm the writing of this book by the prophet himself. It is one of the most important books of the Bible. For many centuries it was " sealed " to the understanding of men, but in this "time of the end," the understanding of men, but in this "time of the end," the angel told Daniel that for those who study it diligently "knowledge shall be increased" ( Daniel 12:4) Jesus, the Son of God and Saviour of the world, commanded, Who readeth let him understand. " Matthew 24:15. Surely we ought to obey His command and study and "understand" this book as He would have us do.
The second part of this series,entitled Life of Jesus and His Disciples,presents 191 stories that recount the life of the Lord and the lives of those who followed Him. Jesus is the main character. His words and actions make His wisdom manifast and His faultess example will deeply impress the reader and will progressivley shape and build the character of tomorrow's men and women. The Lord presents before us edifying techniques and eternal values, such as : God has not forsaken us,mercy is a gift,the secret of hapiness,how to talk with God,how to build safe lives, true love, and the first will be last.
At the end of the second volume of Origin and Destiny of The Earth, you can the Subject Index of Great Principles and Values. It is intended to make it easier for parents and educators to find the stories in these stories in these two volumes that contain the moral principles and values that at a given time, they may wish to teach the children, as well as the character defects they should correct. The fascinating narratives of kings, prophets and other great biblical heroes bear witness to the existence of a loving God who bestows His gifts upon us liberally and protects us. Trusting in Him is worth it! In this volume, the veil to the future of this world is drawn back, and trust in God who bestows His gifts upon us liberally and protects us. Trusting in Him is worth it! In this volume, the veil to the future of this world is drawn back,and trust in God,friendship,courage,simplicity,and integrity stand out as great values of character. It contains narrative that will help us overcome such serious errors such impatience,foolishness,lies and greediness.
This work, which is indispensable for the education of our children, presents over four hundred biblical stories, allowing our youngsters to take a look at and enter into the enormous range of tales presented. It is presented in six volumes adding up to over nine hundred and fifty pages, written in a very educational speech and completely illustrated with colourful and meaningful pictures, in which your children can discover everything from the Creation to Revelation. As you can see, Discover the Bible through its wonderful stories, is a very complete work, full of wisdom and beauty; an ideal tool for parents and educators, which puts Scripture within the reach of all children.
Faithfully adapted using a vocabulary that is easy to understand for all ages,172 stories have been taken from the part of the Bible and compiled into two volumes entitled Origin and Destiny of The Earth,encompassing stories from Creation to the dawn of the coming of Messiah. The modern,brilliantly colored paintings that illustrate each page cause their perusal to be perceived as a real enjoyment. The stories themselves invite youth and children to grow in values,discovering the principles that educate and build the character. Each story ends in a brief final reflection that will contribute to finding practical applications to correct defects or stimulate the virtues necessary for the formation of character. At the end in a brief final reflection that will contribute to finding practical applications to correct defects or stimulate the virtues necessary for the formation of character. At the end of each volume there is a Catalog of Significant Words,where,some fundamental biblical concepts are made clear. These are some of the subjects in this volume: the origins of life on our planet;how the family came into existence ;the consequences of envy,falsehood,and the benefits of faithfulness,perseverance,love,repentance,and frogiveness.
At the end of the second volume of Life of Jesus and His Disciples, we find again the Subject Index of Great Principles and Values for this second part of the Bible. It is intended to make it easier for parents and educators to find the stories that contain moral principles and values that,at a given time, they may wish to teach the children, as well as the character defects they should correct. Just as the first part began with th e story of the creation of a perfect world,the Bible narrative ends with the description of new earth that God will re-create a new for us to live on for all eternity. All the wonders that await those who remain loyal to the Lord are recounted in an exciting and educational fashion with the aim that youth and children will grow in values.
Arthur .S. Maxwell - Boring? Incomprehensible? Outdated? Not on your life! If you've ever thought the Bible was dry and impersonal,this exciting book is going to change your mind. Discover what the Bible says about your life,family,health,problems and future.Learn how you can have peace and happiness.Explore the Bibles fascinating stories and find new meaning for youur life.Feel God's life-changing power and relentless love. A friendly and practical book that shows you how to read your Bible for maximum comprehension,enjoyment and spiritual growth.
Carlos Parra Diaz - The 34 Chilean Miners A Story of Faith and Miracles It was the longest underground entrapment in history. For ten weeks the gfaith and endurance of a gropu of Chilean miners,their families and rescue workers were severely tested as the miners remained trapped 700 metres below the Atacenma Desert. Many feared the rescue effort would be merely a body-recovery process. Yet instead of abandoning hope,the miners' family chose to place themselves at the mercy of the elements and camp around the mine in what later became known as Camp Hope uniting in their prayers for a miracle. The Chilean Government and the rescue team, despite several major setbacks,never gave up. on the contrary,President Pinera reaffirmed his country's commitment to saving the miners while at the same time acknowledging that only God could help them succeed in this impossible mission. For their part, the trapped miners clung to the belief that this was not to be their end,and with faith and hope fought against almost certain death. And God did not disappoint. Ultimately all the miners were found alive and their rescue was watched live by a billion viewers. For most people this spectacular rescue is already yesterday's news.But for the millions who prayed for the miracle,thois event has become a spirtiual heritage for the whole world,a stirring reminder that God listens to the pleas of His children.
Jeffrey Brown - Making the most of your singleness 1) How to survive as a single -and turn singleness to your advantage. 2) Hope for those desperately seeking someone. 3) How to cope with being alone and with the crises of marital separation. 4) A guide through the minefield of relationships. 5) Sex and the single person. 6) Surviving as a single parent. 7) How to cope with grief over the death of someone special. 8) How to tell love from infatuation.
Biblical Principles for Living Beyond the Pursuit of Riches Many people want to be rich. They want to make a good living for themselves and their children.Buut how many of us know what it really means to be rich? In this book,Roger Hernandez and David Paczka confront ideas about money management for Christians and bust a few myths about what the Bible has to say. Based on the 'open hand principle',they challenge you to 'give like you've never given before',making room for God's blessings in your own life. This practical guide,packed with scriptual references for saving,budgeting and getting out of debt,will help you change your relationship with money,and ultimately,family and friends. Take the opportunity to be More Than Rich,toady!
For two thousand years, everyone from crystal-ball psychics to religious fanatics has predicted the end of the world.An earthquake here,a war there,and the doomsayers come out of the woodwork. So why this book? Because things have changed.Swiftly.Globally.Unbelievable. But unknown to most people even to a majority of Christians the most startling changes for our nation and ourn world are yet to come. The Final Crisis shares a perspective on the future that's unlike anything you've read before,It will challenge what you've heard and what you may believe.
A guide to healing the new testament way Can you imagine standing next to someone you've known all your life, a friend who has been blind from birth and watching with your own eyes, as Jesus of Nazareth heals his eyes and gives him, for the first time, the ability to see? Can you imagine the wonder in your friend's eyes as he studies you for the first time in glorious technicolour? Jesus performed many mind-blowing miracles during his three-year ministry on Earth, yet he is recorded as saying,'The person who trusts me will do even greater things', John 14:12. So what happened? Has the power of God dried up? Do miracles still happen or has modern medicine put an end to all that? After forty years'ministry and a thorough analysis of healing in the Bible, David Collinson opens up new insights into the ministry of healing then and now, explaining how New Testament principles can apply in our world. 'David Collinson's book makes an important contribution. If it encourages Christian leaders to engage on a rediscovery of the Christian healing ministry it will have done a significant job for the extension of God's kingdom.'
The Way Jesus wants us to think and act What values do you live by? What principles drive your thoughts,words and actions? What would you scrifice everything else for? In this book,Pastor Llewellyn Edwards,an experienced minister,missionary and church administrator,describes how the values that inspired Jesus can transform our lives,our families and churches. If you are looking for a way to re-energise your spiritual life and make your congregation the kind of plce to which peoplewill be drawn,this is your book.It is nota read for the faint-hearted and the easily offended,but it will make you think.