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Herbs can form an exciting, versatile, and handy part of any garden—be it an ornamental display, a kitchen corner, a container, or just a windowsill, and this practical book explains how to plant and harvest herbs to enjoy their fresh use throughout the year. More than 40 herbs are described with their history and photographs, as well as detailed instructions on how and where to grow them. Topics covered include instruction on planting and harvesting, ideas for designing a herb garden, and advice on pests and diseases.
In a handy, illustrated format, this reference book studies all aspects of organic farming, from the basics of climate, geology, and soils, to an explanation of plants and their orders. The guide also explores planning and planting methods, including strip cropping and crop rotation; protection for a variety of vegetables and edible plants; companion planting and biological control; plant pests, barriers, and deterrents; and weed management. Particular attention is paid to improvements to the soil, fertilizers, minerals, compost, and manures. Complete with a list of tasks and monthly reminders, an extensive glossary, and useful contacts, this resource provides reputable advice for all gardening aficionados.
Don?t have a lot of room for gardening? Live in the city with only a balcony or less to grow a garden? Then this is the book for you. This book resurrects the art of window box gardening. From formal arrangements of evergreens and classic flowers to delicate romantic plantings, The Window Box Gardening Book offers an extraordinary range of design for every environment. Here are charming country window boxes, sophisticated urban plantings, special gardens for sun and shade, and dazzling arrangements that highlight fragrant flowers and edible hers and blossoms. With practical information on every step of window-box gardening, more than 100 evocative color photographs, and a directory of plants, this is a beautiful and definitive guide to window-box design.
Plants can be flamboyant and voluptuous, funny and frivolous, even shy and retiring, but do they really have personalities? In this book, Klein demonstrates how understanding plants’ needs and providing the appropriate conditions enables them to develop their true characters—the qualities that make them what they are. Personality traits can be as valuable as height, habit, and flower color when choosing your plants. Some plants are good natured, contributing to the overall landscape for months, while others are fleeting, grabbing the spotlight for a brief but breathtaking display. Still others lend a sense of frivolity or sensuality to the garden. Illustrated with superb photographs, Plant Personalities will inspire any gardener to see the unique character in every plant.
This is the complete guide to coniferous trees and shrubs that are available to the North American gardener. Stunning color photographs show conifers used in a variety of environments, from small gardens to magnificent estates. Gardening with Conifers reveals the unexpected magic that conifers can bring to every garden and the many roles they can play in creating structure and balance for year-round visual interest and color. Comprehensive in scope and lavishly illustrated, the book includes a directory of more than 600 conifers and offers expert advice on: Size and growth rates Site and soil preferences Planting, maintenance and propagation Pruning, pests and diseases Dwarf conifers and ground covers Conifers in containers, and more. Gardeners everywhere will find this to be a valuable and inspiring reference.
A complete, practical guide to growing these rewarding late-flowering herbaceous perennials, and using them to best effect in the garden. This book uses superb colour photography making identification simple and shows the wide range of plants available.

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