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This volume is designed to give every horse owner the confidence to take an active role in helping their horse when the inevitable scrapes and strains, or more serious injuries occur. In clear, down-to-earth terms, chartered physiotherapist Amanda Stutton passes on her practical experience of diagnosing problems and her knowledge of the way that injuries affect the horse. The author starts by identifying the effects of injuries and the best methods of pain management before giving detailed advice on the treatment of the different injury types. Using thoroughly explained methods of diagnosis, horse owners can identify problems and take the appropriate steps to begin the healing process. The book has a number of case studies to explore the process of treating an injured horse, with specially commissioned photographs, to show in real terms how to achieve recovery to full health and soundness.
Williams Obstetrics is the most detailed, comprehensive, and rigorously referenced text on the subject. Written by an author team from the world-renowned Parkland Hospital, the hallmarks of this classic are its thoroughness, scientific basis, and practical applicability for the obstetrician at the bedside. This edition of Williams Obstetrics continues to emphasize the scientific-based underpinnings and evidence-based practices of the specialty. This is accomplished by using incorporating more than 3,000 new literature citations and guidelines from the most trusted professional and academic organisations.
This is a very well written book, focusing on mainly tropical diseases and infections of livestock, and pets (dogs, cats, rabbits). It is written easily enough to understand and follow, and to use as a tool to teach owners. For someone with little access to veterinary care, this is an excellent resource to have around.
Simon S. Cross. Underwood's Pathology (formerly General and Systematic Pathology) is an internationally popular and highly acclaimed textbook, written and designed principally for students of medicine and the related health sciences. Pathology is presented in the context of modern cellular and molecular biology and contemporary clinical practice.
Ben Greenstein and Dinah Gould. With the important part played by nurses in the administration of drugs and in recording their effects, an understanding of pharmacology and its application to patient care is an integral part of pre-registration nursing education. This popular textbook gives an up-to-date account of the action and use of drugs in the treatment and prevention of disease, as well as exploring the principles underlying drug usage. The 18th edition of this highly successful textbook builds on the foundation of its predecessors by bringing the text fully up to date with developments in the world of clinical pharmacology and current trends in clinical practice.

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