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Longman Science Grade 6 offers * full compliance with the knowledge, skills and values of the New Curriculum of 2013 * Full coverage of all outcomes as specified in the curriculum * assessment activities at the end of each unit * innovative and learner-centred content *content presented in clear and simple English, at the level of the learner *a variety of activities to support skills development and application of knowledge * lots of exercises to reinforce learning This book is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide that offers teaching guidelines and answers to all exercises and activities in the learner’s book.
Let’s do is a learner-centred series for Grade 1-7 with a step-by-step approach that ensures full syllabus coverage. Written by experts at this level, activities engage learners in their own learning process in a practical way, and focus on learning through doing. Key features of the Learner’s Book: – A starter activity at the beginning of each topic stimulates interest and tests prior knowledge – Full-colour illustrations and high-quality photos capture learners’ attention and are used to teach the knowledge, skills and values effectively. – Practical and written activities encourage learner-focused teaching and learning. – Summaries and assessment exercises at the end of topic help teachers to revise, consolidate and assess.
Full Compliance with the knowledge, skills and values of the NEW curriculum of 2013. The course includes a teacher’s guide that offers teaching guidelines and answers to all exercise and activities in the pupil’s book.