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Better manage your waste with The Big Bag. Neatly stores your trash without perfuming the house with that horrible smell as it waits for
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High Yield Black Toner Cartridge. New guaranteed
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High Yield Black Toner Cartridge.
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High Yield Black Toner Cartridge.
Storage containers for the safe storage of your items.
A classic leather rifle sling made with hand-sewn leather and finished with thong ends that can tie through all sling loops. Embossed with the classic Rigby logo, this rugged fit-for-purpose rifle sling is also available in the same style but with buckle ends.
This classic hand-made hunting belt is made with canvas and leather for adjustability and strength respectively. It has been designed using a rugged canvas that is fully adjustable in waist size and sits perfectly with the Rigby leather bullet pouches (available separately).
Canvas rifle sling with leather ends, embossed with the Rigby ‘Double R’ logo. Hand made in South Africa.
A comfortable rifle sling made of leather and Cordura with a soft, wide shoulder pad for maximum comfort. Non-slip, elasticated and length are adjustable. Integrated cartridge case for two ball cartridges. Detachable swivel rings with quick-release fastener. The elegant red stitching on the deep-black genuine leather sling rounds off the dynamic appearance of your hunting weapon.
Rifle sling with a wide, soft shoulder pad for the best carrying comfort. Non-slip, elastic and adjustable length. Integrated cartridge case for two rifle cartridges. Detachable sling swivel with quick-release fastener. Made of fine cowhide leather.
High-quality rifle sling made of dark green neoprene. Non-slip, elastic and length-adjustable. Wide, soft shoulder pad for optimum comfort. Integrated cartridge case for two rounds of all conventional hunting-calibre ammunition. Blaser quick-release fasteners and detachable sling swivels. Premium quality made in Germany. Also available as tracking model (ammo not included).
Multi-adjustable, elastic rifle sling in charcoal Cordura. Integrated ammunition case for two rifle cartridges of all conventional calibres. Wide, soft shoulder pad and non-slip neoprene insert for optimum comfort. Length adjustment and detachable sling swivel for practical handling. Matches Professional Success weapon models perfectly (ammo not included).

Packaging & Printing for sale in Zambia

Finding the right packaging and printing solutions for your business is critical. Here, you can order a full range of products from some of Zambia's leading suppliers. They include but not limited to tapes, pallet and bubble wraps, carton boxes, sealers, ropes, tracing paper, sheet protectors, label rolls, laminating pouches and more. By investing in good packaging materials, you will distinguish your products from the competition as well as shape how customers perceive your brand.