This is a stand-up garden lamp.
The vlite solar motion light can be used as a security light and is perfect for areas where electrical supply is not available.
The vlite solar powered LED wall light is suitable for Fences, Roofs, Gutters, Garden Walls, and for Path Lighting.
The philips LED track light has long life and excellent light efficiency.
This is a solar panel which requires a charging time of 8Hrs.
This is the PEDROLLO CPM 158 1HP Domestic Booster Pump. The PEDROLLO CP range is non-self-priming closed impeller pumps with integral motors.
Used for lighting in homes, offices and corridors in shopping malls and schools.
The Dayliff Range of portable diesel generators are dependable, quality products specially designed for mains standby and remote site power supply applications.
These are used for lighting in parking lots, yards, residential area streets, drive ways and many other place.
This is the DAYLIFF DC 80P, 3" Petrol Engine Pump. The Dayliff DC range of self-priming engines pumps is of fully portable design suitable for irrigation, dewatering and general pumping duties.
Made of aluminum alloy material and can be supplied in a multitude of colors.
The DAYLIFF DDW submersible pump range are centrifugal submersible pumps designed for small scale drainage, irrigation, fountain and water transfer applications.
Light up your driveways and gardens by buying the square post lamps.
The circular pole lamps give your driveways and gardens the amazing look of prestige and glamour.
Light up your driveways and gardens by giving your premises an amazing look.
Buy the circular pedestal lamps and give your driveways and gardens the amazing look of prestige and glamour.
This is a waterproof outdoor lantern that is mounted on walls or landscape stands and is very bright.
Get this desk lamp for you to do your work efficiently in your home or office.
Buy the LED table lamp and lighten up your desk or table.
The vlite chandelier adds a sophisticated ambiance to the home and meets the necessary safety standards.
The vlite three-bulb chandelier meets the necessary standards of the home.
Add a sophisticated ambiance to your home by buying the vlite single bulb web chandelier.
Buy the Philips LED track light and experience long life and excellent light efficiency.
The tornado energy saving light bulb will help you save power.