Springfields is now a Centre for University of Cambridge examinations

A giant leap for students, parents and the institution! Springfields Coaching Centre in Lusaka is finally a Centre for University of Cambridge IGCSE and Advanced level examinations! This adds to the Centre’s quest to offer a one-stop educational facility where all the students and parents educational needs can be met.

Springfields is proud to announce that from the 2018 May/June Examinations, students can take their final University of Cambridge exams from the Springfields Campus at Independence Avenue. This facility will mitigate and alleviate some of the difficulties students have previously faced in accessing external examinations centres.

This means that all academic certificates from May/June 2018 will henceforth be under the Springfields Coaching Centre brand.

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Springfields is now a Centre for University of Cambridge examinations
Springfields Coaching Centre
Springfields Coaching Centre
Secondary school
'AS' & 'A' Level
Springfields Coaching Centre provides an enabling learning environment for both full time and part time students. It is a top international educational centre with modern infrastructure and features. The centre has a multicultural student population, coached by a team of highly-experienced and long-serving teaching staff. Extra-curricular activities include table-tennis, chess, basketball, football, art, French and communication skills.
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