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  2. 'Good Financial Management' talk on ZNBC Radio 4

'Good Financial Management' talk on ZNBC Radio 4

Good financial management is the bedrock for profitability in any business. But what is "Good" Financial Management? Stay Tuned to ZNBC Radio 4 88.1 FM on Wednesday late afternoon on 23rd May 2018 at 17:30hrs with Ms Mukonki Mukonkela (CEO of SME Accounting Services Ltd).

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'Good Financial Management' talk on ZNBC Radio 4
SME Accounting Services Ltd
SME Accounting Services Ltd
Business consultants
Financial consultants
This company offers cloud based accounting and business advisory and financial management training solutions for SMEs in Zambia. SME Accounting Services' focused approach towards the SME sector and in-depth understanding of their unique financial needs ensures it is well placed to create relevant systems for SMEs, providing strong foundations and guaranteeing sustainable growth. The company aspires to respond to challenges faced by its clients in partnership with other corporations.
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