Price computing retail scales available in stock

Premier Scale Services has price computing retail scales available for sale. Durable and easy to clean, the scales provide an all-around excellent value for retail weighing and cost calculation, displays weight, unit price and total price on front and back panels simultaneously. This allows both the scale operator and purchaser to view information and verify quantity and pricing, boosting customer satisfaction.

The internal memory on the scale stores up to 103 product look-ups. Time, date, weight, unit price and total cost transmit easily to printers, allowing the store to keep records, track orders, and perform purchasing and inventory tasks.


15kg x 5g

30kg x 10g

Approved by Zambia Metrology Agency. For more information visit Premier Scale Services today.

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Price computing retail scales available in stock
Premier Scale Services
Premier Scale Services
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Premier Scale Services supplies, installs and services a complete range of scales and measurement systems. The company has grown to understand the local market, becoming a trusted metrology supplier for Zambia’s most notable brands, across national industries. Premier Scale Services has a qualified and experienced team of personnel to provide product support, service and maintenance of all equipment supplied by them.
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