Each container has four padlock points

Each container has four padlock points, The Big Green Box sells high quality locks specifically designed for container security. When purchased, these locks belong to the client even when the lease period is complete. Clients are however welcome to use their own locks to secure their container provided they meet the security standards of The Big Green Box.

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Each container has four padlock points
The Big Green Box
The Big Green Box
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The Big Green Box offers secure self storage on a short or long term basis, this company has 100 containers available. Hire and use them at the Twin Palm premises or have them delivered to use as secure storage on your own site. Aptly named, The Big Green Box is one of the first storage facility companies in Zambia. They take every precaution to ensure that all goods are protected whilst in storage. Clients who choose to keep their goods within the premises have access during office hours.
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