Sourcing filming equipment for hire

A to Z Solutions assists with the sourcing of appropriate equipment and bringing it into the country with Temporary Importation Permits. Although the filming industry is relatively young in Zambia, there are some local equipment hire options. However, they can be highly priced so A to Z Solutions does encourage self-sufficiency wherever possible.

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Sourcing filming equipment for hire
A to Z Solutions
A to Z Solutions
Film fixing destination management
Film fixing logistics management
Film fixing procurement
A to Z Solutions is the only dedicated film fixing company in Zambia, helping to coordinate film projects like wildlife documentaries and reality shows. Its award winning team has worked with the BBC, Renegade Pictures and Tigress Productions, and film crews from Canada, USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa and China. They facilitate all aspects of film projects such as location advice, planning, booking, logistics management, permits, licences and equipment hire, offering film fixing services that are tailored around each production company's needs and requirements.
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