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These Zambezi River activities are more relaxing than the high octane water sports options. Explore the upper Zambezi River, above the Victoria Falls with its calmer waters interspersed by small rapids. You'll experience spectacular views, raw nature, wildlife and rich birdlife.
Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara offers a wide selection of excursions including helicopter flights, microlight flights, cruises, village tours, game drives, white water rafting, canoeing and bungee jumping. With the hotel’s assistance, you have the option to customise your adventure.
Working with various operators, Ntanda Ventures is able to organise exciting adventure activities including bungee jumping, abseiling, white water rafting, kayaking, helicopter and microlight flights and fishing. Experience the best activities Zambia has to offer and go back home with memories you will cherish forever.
Victoria Apartments are a stone's throw from the Victoria Falls and Livingstone's other attractions, including adrenaline and leisure activities. These apartments have an on-site activity information centre, with knowledgeable consultants, that is able to provide booking and transport services for a host of activities.
Tiffany's Canyon Lodge has a variety of water and land based activities such as canoeing, a ride on the speed boats, birding, paint balling and more. The lodge also has a spacious outdoor play area designed for children under the age of 12 years old. The playground provides children with a safe and clean environment.

Adventure activities

Zambia is simply brimming with opportunities, visitors from all over the globe travel to Zambia to experience the extraordinary and explore new adventures. In this category find exhilarating outdoor adventure, Zambia offers many exciting activities and abundant opportunities to view wildlife as well as beautiful landscapes. Most activities provided appeal to those with a particular passion such as bird-watching, game drives, canoeing, kayaking and abseiling. You will feel overwhelmed by the extraordinary range and diversity of wildlife.

There are two different types of adventure activity: hard adventure and soft adventure. The amount of risk involved in any adventure activities is different for each person who takes part in it; it is largely dependent on the individual’s perception of danger and self-preservation. While all adventure activities are enjoyed under the supervision of trained professionals, some activities are more risky than others.

Zambian adventure activity providers offer an expansive range of options for specialist safaris and activities. Their personal service and exceptional guiding gives you an unparalleled adventure experience. All activities offered are conducted in safe environments.

Adventures for the more laid back

Soft adventure has a lower level of risk, is less physically demanding and anybody can do it! No previous experience or skills are necessary. People who participate in soft adventure activities are looking for the experience as opposed to the expectation of any risk. Soft adventure activities include yachting, learning to surf, camping, horse-riding, snorkelling, hiking and biking, hot air ballooning, game drives, helicopter flips and quad biking.

Adventures for adrenaline junkies

Hard Adventure is accompanied by a sense of real risk for the person engaging in the activity. Some hard adventure activities do require previous experience and minimal training. Hard adventurers need to be able to handle the unexpected and need to be prepared for a physical challenge.

Hard adventure activities include paragliding, kayaking, scuba diving, abseiling, shark cage diving, bungee jumping, bridge-swinging, and sky-diving.

Adventure is adaptable

Many adventure activities can be adjusted to suit the participant’s level of skill and degree to which they are thrill-seeking. While some crave fear and risk, for many, the adventure simply lies in trying something new and exciting.

Bird Watching

The diversity of bird species in Zambia is amongst the highest in the world, with 743 species recorded to date and several more expected as the more remote areas are explored. Zambia’s National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries will keep avid birders enthralled. Diversity combines with abundance during the wet season from November to March as migrants make Zambia’s pristine bush and wetlands their home again. The Birdwatcher’s paradise is Lochinvar National Park where over 400 species have been recorded however Lower Zambezi National Park, Kafue National Park, Victoria Falls in Livingstone, South Luangwa National Park and North Luangwa National Park are all equally superb.

White-Water Rafting – the swirling rapids of the Zambezi below the Victoria Falls offers some of the most exciting and challenging rafting waters in the world. Regular safaris operate between August to November, starting below the Victoria Falls and winding through spectacular gorges and 23 rapids.

Bungee Jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge offers one of the highest bungee jumps on the planet at 110m. Jumpers leap into space to experience the world’s most spectacular adrenaline rush and a breathtaking view. Quad biking, Abseiling and Gorge Swinging in the scenically stunning Batoka Gorge offer further thrills just round the corner.

Boating and water sports

Zambia’s wide rivers and lakes – provide excellent opportunities for canoeing, river cruises, kayaking, boating, sailing, and other water sports such as water-skiing, windsurfing, house boating as well as fishing. Canoe Safaris are very popular in Zambia. No boating skills or experience are necessary. Canoes provide both an excellent vantage point and a silent way of viewing the animals. Fishing Safaris are generally available in Zambia throughout the year. The best fishing period, however, is between April and November. The Zambezi River offers the best tiger fishing in Africa. The Lakes for good fishing are Lake Kariba and Lake Bangweulu in northern Zambia.