White water rafting

White water rafting trips in Zambia

The Batoka Gorge, located on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River provides one of the most intense sensory thrills imaginable. Its white-water rapids and striking scenery deep within the sheer black cliffs afford the adrenaline junkie a wild roller-coaster ride along a route of the great Zambezi River.

A typical rafting trip in Zambia starts with a brief information session on safety and health issues, discussing the plan for the day and answering any questions you may have. Once you reach the 'put-in' at the river, you will be given a short safety practice session to understand the raft and techniques that will be used to run the rapids.

White water rafting seasons in Zambia

When you decide to finally go white water rafting in Zambia, its important to think about what level of excitement your looking for. Knowing the level of excitement your looking for will determine which white water rafting season you should choose to get exactly what you expect from the experience. White water rafting in Zambia allows you to choose either a full day or half-day rafting experience.

  • Low water season-During this season, run takes place when the Zambezi River is at its low water level between July and mid-February. This is known to be the most exciting time to go white water rafting.
  • High water season-During this season, run follows after fresh inflow from the catchment areas in Angola and Zambia. The water rises and flows much more rapidly, this season is usually between February to July with a short "closed" season around April/May depending on the seasons rains.

White water rafting rapids in Zambia

The rapids that range along the Zambezi River are powered by white water and a greatly passionate Mother Nature, this extreme adrenaline adventure will leave your heart beating faster. Below describes the white water rapids in Zambia:

  • Rapid 1: A big wave-train running into a wall, this is the start of the intimidation for first-timers in the gorge.
  • Rapid 2: This is an easy rapid to run, with a mixed wave.
  • Rapid 3: This is also an easy rapid to run, great fast wave to surf.
  • Rapid 3.5: Has a small retentive hole on the left for surfing, there's nothing to worry about when running this rapid.
  • Rapid 4 (Morning Glory): This rapid is more involving and enjoyable to run, resulting in lots of swims.
  • Rapid 5 (Stairway to Heaven): There is an impressively big wave at the bottom, causing major action when rafts hit it. On the right is a pour-over for those who want to do a more unique run, with a nice hole to surf just above it.
  • Rapid 5.5: Has nice waves to surf, cruising down is smooth with nothing to worry about.
  • Rapid 6 (Devil’s Toilet Bowl): A deep washing machine hole for the brave hearted only, and is easily avoidable by everyone else.
  • Rapid 7 (Gulliver’s Travels): This rapid is the longest and most technical rapid of the stretch. At low to medium level, avoid the “Gap”, and the “Temple of Doom”, these are two unpleasant spots in the rapid.
  • Rapid 8 (Star Trek): A really massive hole with a great surfing wave on its left.
  • Rapid 9 (Commercial Suicide): The rafts portage it, it has a big pour-over and hole, not avoidable, though skillful paddlers can run it.
  • Rapid 10 (Gnashing Jaws of Death): This rapid is simply considered easy.
  • Rapid 11(Overland Truck Eater): It is run on the left to avoid a unpleasant hole, but be careful not to go into the boils next to the left bank. At high levels the rapid is open from left to right.
  • Rapids 12A, 12B and 12C (Three Ugly Sisters): 12A is easy, 12B is the famous surfing wave and 12C is not a special rapid.
  • Rapid 13 (The Mother): This is a huge wave train, with some nice waves to surf.
  • Rapid 14 (Surprise Surprise): This rapid is little, but the bony centre should be avoided at low levels, at medium level, a good playhole forms in the middle.
  • Rapid 15 (Washing Machine): A wave train with a big hole at the bottom centre that must be avoided, at high water the hole disappears.
  • Rapid 16 (The Terminator): It is small at low water but becomes a very long and big wave train at high water.
  • Rapid 17 (Double Trouble): It has two holes close to each other, at low levels they should be avoided.
  • Rapid 18: (Oblivion): It is a huge, fierce hole where rafts do all the freestyle moves with paddlers going everywhere. The hole is actually not dangerous, and it is great fun.

White water rafting companies in Zambia

Fun for all ages, white water rafting is one of Zambia’s most popular and exciting adventure safari. White water rafting companies in Zambia ensure that full equipment and expert guides are available for this ultimate adventure. This activity also offers you an opportunity to view a wide selection of game and beautiful landscapes.

All white water rafting companies in Zambia offer broadly similar experiences at prices that are very similar.

There are a number of companies in Zambia offering white water rafting including Bundu Adventures, Absolute Zambia Safaris, All Seasons Travel & Tours, Safpar Rafting Company and Safari Par Excellence.

Book now and be guided into the amazing wilderness of Zambia, while you discover the beauty and the rapids of the Batoka Gorge. White water rafting companies have certified guides and provide quality rafting safety equipment, each participant is given a helmet, wet suit, life-jacket and a paddle. This is a great way to meet people, see nature and get your adrenaline pumping!