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Zambians entertainment options include:


Gambling in Zambia is legal and is regulated by three different legislative documents. The largest gambling city in Zambia is Lusaka with 10 gambling facilities, 77 table games, 516 gaming, slot, and video poker machines. Most casinos in Zambia provide you with the full range of games including slot machines, table and card games. Some of Zambia's well known casinos include Emperor Palace Casino, Great Wall Casino and Majestic Casino. The legal age for gambling in Zambia is 18 years.


Going to the cinema to watch a movie is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for both locals and tourists. Zambian movie cinemas exhibits first-run movies from major and independent studios, and will also offer a variety of special screenings throughout the year, including sporting events, classic films and other cultural experiences. Zambia's well known and most visited movie cinemas by movie-goers are Fresh View Cinema and Sterkinekor Cinema. Zambian cinemas always go far beyond the confines of cinema theatres to create great moments for everyone – young and old.

Films, plays, musicals and shows

With highly talented artists, Zambia offers a full range of educative and entertaining films, plays, musicals and shows. These performances bring in artists from around the country and across all genres. Zambia welcomes visitors from all over the world. Come enjoy the rich atmosphere and ambiance, while taking in performances by top entertainers and cultural groups. This is your home for the best Zambian films, plays, musicals and shows with a delightfully unique cabaret. Performances are of various kinds including drama, action, comedy, there is something for everyone, both young and old.

Live music

Zambia is a rich source of musical talent, it also attracts many musicians from outside the country. Featured here are places where you can hear singers and bands live – local, regional or international – from different genres. Support inspirational professional musicians to use their talents for the benefit of those who are otherwise excluded from the joy of experiencing live music. This may be at a performance venue, a nightclub, restaurant or open air venue. The country’s creative culture and incredible talent makes it a great place to hear and discover music of all types. Every night there is a host of bands playing, music here is one-of-a-kind, so be prepared to dance.

Night clubs

Zambia's nightlife is legendary and huge, attracting revellers from all walks of life. The atmosphere in night clubs are designed for the ultimate night life lovers! Night life lovers get to enjoy good music and various drinks to choose from, plus party till very late. Some night clubs in Zambia have artists that come to perform every once in a while, so if you enjoy live performances, you will definitely find them in some of Zambia's most popular night clubs. Zambia's night clubs are very diverse, some play the latest club bangers and others focus on giving you the very best of classic music. Staff in Zambian night clubs are friendly and always ready to assist so that you have a great time. Whichever night club you choose to go to, you will certainly meet lots of people who love to party too, so you will be lucky to make a whole lot of new friends as you enjoy Zambia's vibrant night clubs!