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Live music

Live music in Zambia

A live music concert takes place in front of an audience. The performance may be by a single musician or by a band or choir. Concerts are held in a wide variety of settings which includes private houses, nightclubs, concert halls, arenas and parks. Live music concerts in Zambia take place throughout the year, with a number of live performances done by Zambian musicians.

If you like a late night and want to be in the thick of it, Zambia is the place to be. With a wide selection of amazing live music venues and a diverse line-up of artists, you are sure to enjoy and experience the country’s legendary live music. Performers ensure that they always provide you with an outstanding show – one that you will never forget. Depending on the venue, talented patrons are also allowed to get a chance to sing their favourite songs.

Zambian crowds have a long and celebrated tradition of nurturing live music. The country’s vibrant independent music scene comes alive every from Wednesday right through to Sunday. This is the best time to catch up-and-coming bands, as well as touring artists. Performers cater for all music tastes with only one condition – a heartfelt love of live performance. There is a wide selection of intimate live venues and funky clubs and pubs. Zambia is the perfect destination for a vacation with great music and nightlife options. Live music venues are privately owned and may charge for admission.

Depending on the type of venue, the opening hours, location and length of performance may differ, as well as the technology used to deliver the music in the venue. Other attractions, such as performance art or social activities, may also be available, either while music is playing or at other times. For example, at a bar or pub, the house band may be playing live songs while drinks are being served, and between songs, recorded music may be played. Some venues may play live music in the background, such as a performance on a grand piano in a restaurant.

Some of Zambia's live music performers include:

  • Pompi
  • Chef 187
  • Jae Cash
  • Bobby East
  • Tiye P
  • Kaladoshas
  • Mampi
  • Chileshe Bwalya
  • Slap Dee
  • Kayombo

With Zambia’s exciting, thriving, diverse music scene, there is always something to hear in the country’s live music venues when you are here. Whether you are in for a meeting, a convention, or a weekend of fun, there are a wide selection of opportunities to hear live music, there is an amazing collection of bands and musicians. The country offers you an array of concert halls, clubs, bars, lounges, and restaurants that welcome a variety of bands. It is varied, so when you have the urge to step out and hear some music, survey the list above for some of the best Zambian live music venues.