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Radio Christian Voice (RCV) currently broadcasts to the Copperbelt (105.3FM and 98.9FM), Kapiri Mposhi (101.1FM, Livingstone (98.9FM), Ndola (98.9FM) and Solwezi (106.5FM). In Lusaka, the frequency is 106.1FM). With programming that promotes moral values that are based on biblical principles, RCV believes that it will touch many lives and impact nations with the Gospel.
Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.7 FM) offers a wealth of information, entertainment and education to its listeners. Its brand was designed for listeners to feel part of the station. YAR 89.7 FM is in touch with the trends of today while appreciating where it has come from. This is all expressed in their presentation style on radio.
Radio Phoenix has the the widest FM radio coverage, reaching 4 out of the 9 provinces with an excess of 643 kilometres. These provinces include part of Southern province through Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt provinces. Recent media surveys have put it as the second radio station with the widest coverage.

TV and Radio stations

Radio stations in Zambia

Radio stations play a vital role in communication technology as they are heavily relied on to transfer data and information across the world. Zambia has about 42 radio stations, this gives you a variety of radio stations to choose from. Some are privately owned and some are state owned and run by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).

Zambia's national radio broadcaster

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation is a Zambian state-owned television and radio station and is the oldest, widest and largest radio and television service provider in Zambia. This corporation is mandated to educate, inform and entertain all Zambians by means of radio stations and television channels. Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation was established by an Act of Parliament in 1987, which was passed to transform the Zambia Broadcasting Services from being a Government Department under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services into a statutory body called the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation. This corporation aims to provide quality radio and television services throughout Zambia in order to encourage and promote cultural, social and economic development in Zambia.

Domestic radio services offered by Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation include: Radio 1 which is carried over 8 FM transmitters, broadcasting in the seven major languages of Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Kaonde, Lunda and Luvale, these are used in rotation to ensure a prime time audience for each group and Radio 2 is also broadcasted by 8 FM transmitters in english. Programs include news, public affairs, light entertainment, sport, religion and education. School broadcasts are carried out during school semesters and agricultural programs for farmers cover all the country areas. Listening is encouraged by free provision of receivers for farm radio forums, of which there are more than 600.

Commercial radio stations in Zambia

Commercial radio broadcast is a kind of radio broadcasting or programs on radio that are owned by private corporate media, opposing to state ownership. This commercial radio broadcasting is totally based on airing advertisements for profits. Some of Zambia's commercial radio stations include:

  • Radio Phoenix
  • Joy FM Radio Station
  • Hot FM Radio Station
  • Q FM Radio Station
  • Pan African Radio Station
  • Komboni Radio Station
  • Rock FM Radio Station
  • 5 FM Radio Station
  • Millenium Radio Station
  • Breeze FM Radio Station

Community radio stations in Zambia

Unlike national radio, community radio stations only broadcast in a smaller area in Zambia. These stations are normally found at AM or FM frequencies. Some of Zambia's community radio stations include:

  • Maranatha Radio Station
  • Mkushi Radio Station
  • Voice of Kalomo
  • Kariba Radio Station
  • Chimwemwe Radio Station
  • Mpika Radio Station
  • Lubuto Radio Station
  • Hone FM
  • Christian Voice Radio Station
  • Luapula Radio Station

Guide to radio station formats in Zambia

Radio format, sometimes called programming format, refers to the overall content of the station. Some stations run multiple genres, but most have a signature tone and style. Radio formats are selected to appeal to particular demographics and niches, such as a particular age group or ethnicity. Radio station formats in Zambia include:

News, talk, and sports: these stations feature news and conversation, rather than music. They announce local, regional and national news items along with sports coverage. They also regularly post traffic updates, one of the main reasons why audiences tune in.

Country: country stations play a mix of recent hits and classic songs in their genre. These stations have broad appeal in age demographics.

Contemporary: contemporary stations usually focus on the top 40 hits of the moment, including pop music, hip-hop and more and target younger crowds, such as teenagers.

Rock and alternative: classic rock is one of the most popular formats; metropolitan areas often have multiple classic rock stations. Rock and alternative stations play a mix of modern rock, classic rock, punk and metal music.

Urban stations: often referred to as rhythm and blues (R&B) stations, tend to cater to a younger audience. They highlight artists in R&B, soul, hip-hop and rap.

Religious: from youth-focused music to talk radio, these stations highlight spiritual content. Stations target different demographics with programming at different times.

College: many colleges and universities have their own radio stations, featuring music from up-coming artists. Run by volunteers, these stations tend to have smaller broadcast ranges. The audiences tend to be very niche, such as college students at that particular university.