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Cultural events: ceremonial, sacred, heritage and art

The country of Zambia includes a colorful and diverse culture. You will get a glimpse of the wonderful culture of the region in the festivals in Zambia. The culture of Zambia is of contemporary type that includes a wonderful blend of values and traditions. The Zambian Festivals are the major source of entertainment for the local people of the region.

Zambia consists of culturally and linguistically different tribes, as well as an enormous variety of different ethnic groups. Most tribes and ethnic groups are closely related in terms of language, beliefs and way of life. Currently, historians and linguistics experts can identify at least 16 major cultural groupings, and more than 72 different tribes in the country.

Traditional ceremonies remain a vital part of Zambia's rich cultural heritage and should be preserved for the good of future generations. It is for this reason that various tribes hold traditional ceremonies as a way of remembering where they are coming from and keeping the cherished traditional values. There are more than 20 annual traditional ceremonies in Zambia, displaying customs, social life, rituals, oral history, material and spiritual culture. These ceremonies provide a valuable insight to a traditional culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. Most ceremonies have a deep meaning and in many cases they are intended to invoke memories of the transformation from childhood to adulthood. Some of Zambia's traditional ceremonies/festivals include; Kuomboka Ceremony, N'cwala Ceremony, Shimunenga Ceremony and Mutomboko Ceremony.

Organisational events: commercial, political, charitable and sales

Corporate events are used for a business to promote their companies brand and products such as ensuring team building exercises, business dinners, conferences, networking events, seminars, product launches and Meetings.

Networking events allow business people and entrepreneurs to meet with the purpose of forming business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures. Every year, Zambia has a number of networking events that take place throughout the year, this will give you the opportunity to network and share ideas with like minded people.

Media events: music concerts, fairs, fashion shows, award functions, celebrity nights, beauty peagents and stage shows

Zambia has a number of music concerts that take place annually, featuring Zambia's very best top talented musicians that will certainly give you an amazing performance, leaving you wanting more!

Zambia has a fashion week every year which usually takes place for a period of 3 days. The Zambian Fashion week is a huge help to the countries fashion industry as it highlights the very best and gives a chance for the upcoming designers to showcase their work. If your a fashion enthusiast, be sure to look out for Zambia's next fashion week for an amazing fashion experience.

Personal events: weddings, birthdays and anniversaries

Private events will have a guest list to ensure the venue is not open to the public. Attendees come to the event by invitation only and do not pay a registration or admission fee. Private attendees may be individually asked to attend, as to a wedding, or invited by virtue of belonging to a certain group, such as company employees or shareholders.