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Furniture and Equipment

Find furniture you might not have thought about, wastepaper baskets and bins so you can sort your recycling, a work lamp to make sure you don't strain your eyes, or even a couple of cable organisers to deal with the wire spaghetti from all your equipment. Along with the office furniture listed here are the companies that provide office equipment such as flat screens and all-in-one copiers, printers, scanners and faxes. Electronic equipment now forms the backbone of the modern office environment. Computers, networking devices, dictating machines, bookkeeping and billing equipment, electronic typewriters and calculators, scanners, printers, fax machines, safety deposit boxes, personal-display assistances, transcription machines, cash-handling systems, voice recorders and paper shredders are among the most common office electronic equipment. Specialised electronic equipment, such as electronic whiteboards, teleconferencing and web-conferencing equipment, 3-D presentation equipment, projectors, surveillance equipment, and others, are used in different types of offices. These, and other office tools, make office and work management easier and more efficient.