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Helm Engineering, a Global Roofing Solutions subsidiary, manufactures ventilators, louvres, flashings and industrial rainwater goods. A variety of permanent formwork systems are made by Global Roofing Solutions. The company ensures that it manufactures and supplies products that meet world class standards.
Global Roofing Solutions has established itself as a global manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of concealed fix roofing and pierced fix roofing and cladding profiles, as well as metal tiles. The roofing materials supplied by this company are available in various materials, colours and finishes.
Damru Enterprises manufactures and distributes all types of household and industrial paints, high quality air drying varnish, adhesives, aluminum paints, enamels, emulsion paints, epoxy paints, gloss, enamels, nitro sanding sealers, stoving industrial finishes, stoving varnish and wall filler. The company's products brand name is Everest Paints.