Conmach Machinery can manufacture and supply high quality concrete blocks, pavings and kerb stones, specialising in interlocking blocks. These modern concrete product manufacturing equipment use the latest technology and can be run by highly trained employees.
Conmach Machinery's range of concrete block making machines come in various sizes from small manual to large full automatic hydraulic. All products offered are very robust in design and require very low maintenance. The company's machines can be used to make any type of concrete block with consistent quality.
Stonecites provides professional construction services for residential and commercial buildings. The company specialises in pre-construction services, renovations, earthworks, fence installations, office portioning, structural concrete construction, fabrication, plumbing and steel works.
Stonecites stocks and supplies granite, cafe stone, caesarstone and other natural stone products. The company also offers concrete blocks, cement and stone aggregate of various sizes as construction and mining consumables. Stonecites is committed to providing on-time delivery and quality products that meet their clients' needs.
Boscon International specialises in the installation and servicing of all types of commercial and residential roofing systems. The company provides well-designed roofing systems, with their experienced roofing team constantly learning and adapting to changes in products and applications.
Boscon International specialises in planning, design and construction. The company uses the latest technology and quality materials to provide the highest standards of workmanship. Projects range from small maintenance works to large scale turnkey construction projects.
In addition to its block-making plant, Core Contractors and Developers' through its manufacturing and supplies division takes pride to be one of the first companies to introduce a specialised factory that produces high quality cladding stones, rustic tiles and paving blocks. Core offers an extensive range wall cladding stone designs.
Core Contractors and Developers' aluminium and fit-outs division is committed to providing solutions that are designed to meet all types of aluminium material requirements. The company specialises in aluminium assembled products including office partitions, sliding and hinged doors, windows and cupboards.
Core Contractors and Developers provides exceptional property improvement services to domestic and commercial customers. The company closely works with its customers on all aspects of their project in order to produce the very best result. Core Contractors and Developers has an experienced and professional team of tradesmen.
With a team that has expertise in many sectors of construction, Core Contractors and Developers provides a full range of project management services to individuals and organisations. The company offers project, cost and construction management, as well as an array of other complementary services.
Core Contractors and Developers' main division is contracting and developing. The company is specialised in all types of construction. Their up-to-date machinery and equipment supported by their personnel's capabilities and expertise allows Core Contractors and Developers to undertake projects of all magnitudes.
ZamWorth Construction provides a comprehensive range of quality equipment for hire including on site mobile concrete mixers with pump available in various specifications and dimensions according to its application. This equipment measures and loads various mixes of materials including stone, quarry, dust, cement and water.
ZamWorth Construction specialises in design build from small developments to large projects. Their project management services ensure a positive outcome is achieved regardless of size or nature of the project. Whether you want to lease or purchase, the company can construct your building according to your specifications.
Torch Electronic Technology is a wholesale distributor of CTORCH LED bulbs, candle lights, downlights (driver internal and external) and project lights. The company also supplies square and round panel lights, as well as a variety of energy saving lamps. Torch Electronic Technology offers high quality products at competitive prices.
SAFRICAS Zambia provides experienced and knowledgeable professionals to handle all phases of your construction project. As a general contractor, the company handle all types and sizes of projects from new construction to renovations. It specialises in general contracting, design build and construction management.
SAFRICAS Zambia provides quality construction solutions including site preparation, new facility construction, facility renovation and restoration. The highly qualified SAFRICAS team has vast experience in road construction and highway bridges. The company is committed to delivering projects on schedule and within budget.
In the fast-changing Zambian market, Petronicks offers a modern, customer-based aluminum fabricating service for domestic and commercial clients, with a warranty on all aluminium profiles and accessory products. These premier products use the best materials on the European market, for strength and beauty.
Along with roofing and construction, Suscon Construction Solutions offers specialist pre-fabrication, sheds and storage units, refugee/emergency housing, military camps, schools, clinics, community centres and aerated lightweight concrete. Every project is designed specifically to suit clients requirements.
Suscon Construction Solutions offers a full range of building solutions that include specialised roof construction, general construction, housing construction, as well as agricultural and industrial construction. Suscon Construction Solutions uses either conventional or alternative building materials and methodologies.
Suscon Construction Solutions is a major supplier of a broad range of roofing materials including light steel frames and light steel roof truss. Using light steel frame as a roof truss construction material is the most viable, economical, durable and efficient method of roof construction, it has the lowest life cycle costing.
With a fleet of 24 cranes ranging from 15 tonnes to 200 tonnage, Mega Earth Movers offers a wide selection of crane hire services. The company caters for industrial, commercial and domestic customers throughout Zambia. Mega Earth Movers has the expertise and capacity to handle various lifting jobs-small and large.
Damru Enterprises manufactures and distributes all types of household and industrial paints, high quality air drying varnish, adhesives, aluminum paints, enamels, emulsion paints, epoxy paints, gloss, enamels, nitro sanding sealers, stoving industrial finishes, stoving varnish and wall filler. The company's products brand name is Everest Paints.
BuildTech installs Smart Soffits Ceiling Panels. Their dedicated team of installers takes pride in their work and have vast experience, and the skill to handle various installations for domestic and commercial clients. Whether for a new construction or re-roof, BuildTech guarantees to do an excellent job.
BuildTech supplies a diverse range of Smart Soffit Ceiling Panels which are designed to define the complete look and style of a building. The panels supplied by the company go through extensive testing to ensure that their clients' purchase a product that will stand the test of time.