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Jobs agencies


Employers can hire a job agency to find a suitable candidate for a vacancy. This is a cost effective and efficient way to hire compared to in-house recruiting, providing you are getting the most from your agency. Job agencies are committed to deliver a personalised and highly professional service by matching your recruitment requirements with the best candidates available. They are highly experienced, specialist providers of temporary, contract and permanent recruitment solutions to companies throughout the country.

Consultants have personal experience in various fields and are ideally placed to identify recruits who will make a smooth transition to your working environment. Job agencies in Zambia have access to a resource of qualified candidates and always actively screen all their applicants so that you get your choice of the best available. They will not waste your time by submitting candidates who are not suitable. Their goal is to find you a top-notch employee that will not only compliment you work environment, but also further business growth and development.

Job seekers

Zambian job agencies are highly experienced, specialist providers of temporary, contract and permanent recruitment solutions to individuals seeking employment throughout the country. They are dedicated to providing assistance to their candidates with the aim of making the job search as simple and stress-free as possible. Due to their extensive network of clients, job agencies have the ability to expose their candidates to the entire job market more quickly than a candidate can obtain just one interview on his or her own.

Through their resources, agencies will do their best to help their candidates obtain their ideal job match. They will also provide the job seeker with career direction and job search counselling through personal evaluation, skills and psychological testing and resume preparation. Their aim is to give candidates a competitive edge in accessing job opportunities and securing work. Recruiters have deep specialisation in all the industries because many come from those industries. They are committed to assisting candidates with each phase of their career, focusing on their career potential.