Colleges in Zambia are scattered everywhere, most of them are public colleges, funded by the government. However, the number of private colleges in Zambia is increasing at a faster rate than public colleges. Whether entering the education field for the first time, investigating a career change or attaining credits for professional development, Zambian colleges have a programme for you. Disciplines offered include but not limited to business and management, information technology and communication, health sciences, laboratory sciences, art and music, communication skills and library studies, journalism and printing and office management. All programmes are continuously reviewed and focus on transferable skills that will make participants more successful when navigating the labour market.

Over the years, a huge number of students have transferred to various universities to advance their education. Experienced lecturers deliver rigorous curricula to empower you with the skills and confidence needed in today's diverse world. Along with quality instruction from superb faculty, colleges offer an abundance of out-of-class opportunities to provide students with a well-rounded experience and solid preparation for the future. Their goal is to educate students who become leaders in their fields and have a clear understanding of the impact their work has on society.

With dedicated lecturers, colleges in Zambia have set high academic standards. Close interaction with students is the rule here: lecturers become mentors and friends. The philosophy of the colleges has been, and continues to be, student-centered. Colleges have been recognised for having one of the most dynamic and comprehensive higher education systems. They offer outstanding certificate and diploma programmes built around careers that are in demand. Students of all ages and educational levels also can prepare for a new career, sharpen job skills or explore personal interests through the many programmes offered.

Colleges ensure they keep class sizes small so students receive personalised attention from their faculty, and a hands-on learning approach allows them to develop real-world experience. As a result, colleges have designed specialised programmes that give graduates a competitive edge in the dynamic global marketplace. Grounded in their mission to prepare students to go out and change the world, Zambian colleges dedicate themselves to the pursuit of excellence in everything they do.