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Student accommodation

With students from different cultures and walks of life, Zambian universities and colleges provide a secure and supportive community to promote a positive life experience. Built with the student lifestyle in mind, student accommodation hostels, shared flats and rented rooms in households are ideal for student living. Rooms are usually furnished with a bed but you will have to bring your own pillows, sheets and blankets. Some facilities have amenities for residents such as quiet study rooms, common areas, lounges, entertainment areas and kitchens. When you are choosing a university or college, the range, quality, location and cost of accommodation on offer will be important factors in making your final decision. This website is designed to help you find the right place to live, on or off campus, at an affordable rate, throughout your time at university or college. It is important to start looking for accommodation or confirm if you will be offered assistance as part of your fees as soon as you have been admitted.

One of the best things about student accommodation is the social opportunities that come with it and the network of friendships you will get to build. Living in the same building with your friends will give you a totally different experience from what its like just having friends during lectures and tutorials. This is an exciting experience especially if you like making new friends.

University or college owned hostels

On-campus accommodation is within easy walking distance of an institution’s lecture rooms, libraries, academic facilities, sports centre, and dining rooms. Zambia universities and colleges offers a variety of accommodation options for living on campus that include single and shared rooms. There are also institutions that offer accommodation to students with special needs. Depending on your living style and needs, you can choose an option that suits you best. Not only is every campus facility within your easy reach, it is value for money, safe and provides a sense of community in a fun and friendly environment. Since demand for on-campus accommodation is really high, you should pre-arrange it at the earliest.

Private sector owned

With limited accommodation at universities and colleges in Zambia, private student accommodation is becoming increasingly popular. This type of accommodation is similar in style to campus accommodation. It is a good option for those students not able to get accommodation at campus and is typically of high quality with many buildings offering single and shared options. Some students have their own room, usually with an en-suite bathroom, and share the kitchen facilities with other residents.