With fire fighting equipment and systems as your first line of defense, professional inspection, testing and maintenance is cardinal. You can engage Ansultech Fire Systems to periodically inspect your extinguishers and control systems to reduce the risk of damage to your facility, injuries to your employees and customers as well as fines for fire code noncompliance.
ControLab caters for the civil, geotechnical and structural engineering fraternity, offering a full range of testing services of soils, aggregates, bitumen, asphalt and concrete. It also carries out geotechnical investigations for new roads, borrow pits, road rehabilitation, gravel roads, housing developments and buildings.
MS Fire Systems is a professional fire protection company with vast knowledge and experience on fire equipment installation and servicing. The company carries out inspection and testing of a wide range of fire protection systems. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced in testing all types of fire protection systems.
Authorised by the local authority, Amerex Zambia offers complete inspection, testing and maintenance services for all kinds of fire extinguishing systems. Various companies located in Zambia hire Amerex not only because of its expertise, but also because it provides the courteous service they would expect from a locally based company.
Premium Fire Services specialises in the inspection and maintenance of a variety of fire protection equipment and systems. Technicians from their service division conduct scheduled testing of all types of fixed or portable fire systems to ensure that they are fully operational and compliant at all times.
LEXKA Fire Equipment & Services specialises in inspection, service, repair, maintenance and fire safety equipment installation. The company is currently offering training in three key fields including inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems. Learners receive qualifications on completion.
Laboratory testing at Noside Soilab ranges from basic index tests to highly specialised tests tailored to customers' individual requirements. The company is managed by partners who have extensive experience in field and laboratory work from respected international civil engineering firms.