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Are you looking for home or office security systems? Shakti Engineering supplies and installs a wide selection of CCTV, access control as well as intruder alarm systems. This company is committed to providing powerful and reliable security systems to its clients.
Zambezi Roofing and Steel manufactures palisade fencing in 3 different styles including 7 spike, 3 spike and flat top. The company also fabricates concave and convex panels. Clients are provided with the opportunity to choose from any height and width for a cost-effective, visually pleasing and highly effective security barrier.
IOSAT Communication Services Zambia designs and implements technological security solutions including cyber security. They can supply the full solution cycle starting from threat assessment to design and implementation. IOSAT’s systems are designed for many different environments and connectivity capabilities.
Robo Afrique Zambia supplies and installs high-security gates for residential, industrial as well as commercial use. When you purchase a gate from this company, you are taking a big step towards your property security and protection of your privacy. Robo Afrique Zambia is serious about your security and always strives to provide the best service.
Zambian Safes and Equipment supplies and installs a full range of state of the art security systems for home and business security purposes that include crossed circuit cameras (CCTV), access control and alarm systems. This company provides more than just security systems, but also excellent customer service.
Lusaka Telecom Solutions supplies and installs CCTV as well as other advanced security systems. The systems are designed to meet the client's specific needs, location and play a vital role in monitoring and securing premises. All products are sourced from reputable manufacturers.
Keys and locks help protect our lives and property. Speedy Lock & Key Services provide a professional locksmith service for all types of pin tumbler keys ('Yale' keys). It also sells key duplication machines and various locksmith tools for unlocking household replacement locks and combination locker locks.
Vaulsafes and Equipment manufactures and supplies a complete range safes and vaults. The company provides its clients with a full after sales support service for all its products. Vaulsafes is committed to partnering with clients for present and future planning, development and provision of high quality products and services.
Zamsafes and Alarms has an extensive range of quality security safes, and can professionally install them. Every safe supplied is anti-explosive, fireproof and radioactive resistant. Their products range from category 5 vaults, strong room doors, security filing cabinets, cash canisters, cash in transit boxes, house and car alarms.
Protecting your home, business and family is of great importance, Panorama Alarm Systems & Security Services understand and value this. This company provides an extensive range of burglar alarms and electronic security systems, their security system experts can tailor any product to your needs and precise requirements.
The biometric time control solution maximises a company's ability to manage the value of the time worked by employees and encourages productivity as well as attendance discipline. Belina is committed to constantly adding new features to the software and developing its product for local needs and applications.
Centre Networks Zambia is a major supplier and installer of a wide selection of CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), access control systems for doors and vehicle number plate identifiers for gates. Since its inception, Centre Networks Zambia has been offering its customers high quality products at competitive prices.
Arm-Safety Security Services offers security services that include electric fence systems, access control systems, CCTV systems, alarm monitoring, time and attendance systems, and intruder monitoring. The company works closely with each client in order to provide well-researched services that meet specific requirements.
This company provides biometric solutions to enhance risk management for any organisation looking to use biometrics identification to mitigate against fraud. SpeedPay Mobile ensures that only the intended beneficiary accesses the service or funds through the use of their range of biometric identification solutions.
Hamms Engineering distributes and installs up-to-date CCTV systems. The company also provides all types of alarm systems including fire alarms, intruder alarms and alarm installations. With a team of professional and experienced installers, and products sourced from the most reputable manufacturers.
Ideal for home, office or farm application, Espeka supply and install both wall top and free standing high quality electric fences including fencing products. All installations are carried out by exceptionally trained and certified technicians. Customer satisfaction is their utmost goal, their quality checks ensure your solution works efficiently.
Chizo Investments supply and install quality automated steel gates, with a team of professional engineers who make sure that your automatic gates look good and provide additional security for your property. In addition they provide a maintenance service. Trellidor installations can also be carried out.
The world of ICT is dynamic and new security products are always coming on the market with advanced features to better meet security needs. Men in Black keeps abreast of these new technologies, supplying state-of-the-art CCTV, access control, intruder alarm system and radio frequency identification (RFID) perimeter security.
Ursa Security offers companies and individuals an enhanced ability to protect themselves and their assets. Whether clients are looking for a CCTV system, access control, intruder alarm system or radio frequency identification (RFID) perimeter security and fencing, Ursa advises on the most suitable system and installs it.
This company is pioneering the provision and installation of biometric fingerprint and facial recognition systems in Zambia. These use state of the art technology to monitor and regulate access to rooms and buildings, work and school attendance and identity verification, for human resources, national registration and border traffic.
Tau Risk Consultants provides GSM and GPRS alarm systems which can be operated by keypad, remote control or even mobile phone (for arming, disarming or setting). Alarm systems can be set to enable either the response reaction vehicle team or police station to be alerted about an intrusion and respond to the alarm.
Magnum Security supplies and installs a complete array of access control, CCTV, alarm and fencing systems. The company is committed to providing its clients with products that meet their security requirements. Their range of systems can be integrated with the company's rapid response team in case of a security breach.
Precision Communications offers video surveillance products and accessories, together with security X-ray devices and mobile metal and bomb detectors. These security control solutions are ideal for use at airports, prisons, banks and other high security areas.