Ecobank translates its Pan-African knowledge and presence into business opportunity and investment performance, helping to transform Africa’s economies and the lives of the people of the continent, through landmark deals and long term wealth creation. In particular, their expertise in project financing and debt capital markets is unrivaled, with an extensive track record.
The investment accounts provide you with a safe and secure investment that guarantees an attractive rate of return over a specified period of time. First National Bank have a wide range of accounts to choose from to suit your needs. The investments available include fixed deposit and call deposit accounts.
PEP-Z 's objective is to provide capital and technical assistance to small and medium enterprises through an impact investment fund. The fund's aim is to create an ecosystem that encourages SME creation and growth that builds a pipeline of well-trained and well-run businesses in Zambia.
Mukuba Pension Trust is a company that prudently invests funds in businesses with high returns. In short term, medium term and long term investments strategies, the pensioner's life is in their mind and this has been proven through consistency in high bonuses and increments given to pensioners.
Laurence Paul sets up and operates collective investment schemes of various types. These involve soliciting and pooling capital from institutional and individual clients and then investing it on their behalf. The company provides exceptional financial returns for investors whilst creating long-term value for the portfolio companies.
Clients receive tailored financial solutions and strategic advisory services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financial restructurings, underwriting and distributing equity, debt, and derivative securities. The bank has in depth knowledge that allows them to offer the most innovative and comprehensive ideas and solutions.
Meet your short, medium or long term needs by investing in a range of funds selected to assist you in achieving your financial objectives. Indo-Bank Zambia offers strategic advice to corporations, governments and institutions. The bank provides its clients flexible underwriting and simplified application processes.
First Capital Bank Zambia offers smart and flexible interest earning accounts which can be used according to a customer's monetary requirements. Interest rates may vary in line with prevailing money market rates. The bank's team of personnel deliver high-quality strategic advice and creative financing solutions to its customer's.
Designed to meet the needs of private, corporate and public clients, Focus Capital provides investment banking solutions that give businesses an opportunity to expand their businesses. The company has a team of well-trained staff that help clients realise their objectives to make them move to next level of growth.
African Life Financial Services Zambia's objective is to attract and invest funds to meet client objectives and optimize returns on company funds by developing and distributing fund management solutions which meet the Zambian pension fund market. It also offers proactive solutions for long term savings and investments.
With a team of wealth management professionals, Standard Chartered Bank Zambia helps its clients nurture and grow their personal wealth. The bank identifies the most suitable products for its clients from their range of financial solutions in order to help them make the right investment decisions.
United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the leading investment banking service providers in Zambia offering a range of solutions designed specifically for medium to large organisations. The bank currently provides its services to various institutions and corporates with expert advice on investment.
Stanbic Bank Zambia provides a comprehensive range of investment solutions including advisory, asset management services and fund solutions, from term lending to highly structured and specialised products across the equity and debt capital markets. The banks also provides transaction solutions, including cash management.
BancABC Investment Services a subsidiary of BancABC Zambia offers two products. The first being the Money Market Unit Trust Fund - a safe and stable investment opportunity that seeks to limit exposure to credit, market and liquidity risks. The second product is the Equity Fund which is designed to achieve the highest returns.
Access Bank offers customers who have investable funds a low risk investment option at market driven yields. The bank assists customers with investible funds to invest in treasury bills which a risk-free investment with high returns and offer medium term investment with a fixed rate of return.
Investrust Bank offers financial capital to individuals, corporations and government institutions. The bank also provides strategic advice, capital raising and risk management expertise. Investrust Bank focuses on building trusted, long-term relationships by taking a holistic and forward-looking view on their relationships.
ZANACO provides innovative and competitive solutions to customers looking to manage their liquidity or simply looking to invest in the money markets and in government bonds or treasury bills. Zanaco provides competitive US dollar and ZMK interest rates that accrue for various fixed tenors.
Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) provides bonds and guarantees that are designed to help businesses in tendering and negotiating better contract terms. The bank also offers equity investment which involves DBZ taking up an equity stake into other companies/project companies as opposed to providing loan finance.
Cavmont Bank offers its customers various investment products that are tailor made to suit their needs. These range from term deposits and fixed deposits to asset backed securities. The treasury team is always available to offer advice to customers on how they can earn a good return on their investments.
Bank of China offers investment banking services to public and private companies. The bank ensures that it understands its clients' business objectives before it executes strategic alternatives that meet their needs. The bank's investment solutions cater for clients that want to recapitalise their business or those in search of capital.
With local and international understanding, Kukula Capital has a strong network that enables them to identify companies with attractive long-term growth prospects and secure a strong deal flow. Kukula Capital was founded in 2009 and is a Joint Venture between Danish and Zambian partners.
Barclays Bank Zambia provides its customers with fixed-term wholesale deposits in Zambian Kwacha and a range of foreign currencies at highly competitive interest rates. Their treasury department provides investment services in local currency treasury bills and bonds as well as the sale and marketing of commercial paper.