Ecobank provides a wide range of transfer and payment services, all designed to make life easier for their clients. This is a fast, convenient and reliable way to transfer money across Africa. Send and receive funds quickly, safely and easily with Western Union, MoneyGram and more. When it comes to foreign currency transactions, Ecobank is the market leader and ideal partner.
Utilising the latest technology, First National Bank (FNB) offers a range of electronic payment systems including online and mobile banking, eWallet as well as automated teller machines (ATMs). The bank recognises that a safe, reliable and efficient electronic payment system is critical for your personal and business requirements.
The Kazang banking application is a real-time automated system that credits clients' accounts. To enable vendors to purchase pre-paid vouchers in bulk, banks provide points where a vendor can deposit funds into their wallet. The pre-paid vouchers are resold through clients' point of sale devices.
Zamlink is an electronic transaction management company that provides an infrastructure for processing electronic transactions between banks and other financial institutions. The company manages a network of ATMs, POS terminals and mobile and internet banking services, routing the transactions to the banks and institutions. They also provide agency banking to banks and own banks e.g. MFI.
With 543 Konse Konse, merchants, customers and dealers can purchase electronic vouchers through a wide range of distribution channels including point of sale terminals ('543 Konse Konse Machine'), mobile (*543#) and online ( Customers can also withdraw funds from their bank accounts through 'Cash Out'.
Branded as Airtel Money, this is a phone based service that allows subscribers to manage their money directly from their mobile phone. The product also gives an opportunity for people to become agents. Airtel money lets subscribers receive or send money, access services such as make bill, bulk and merchant payments.
At affordable rates, SpeedPay Mobile offers businesses and individuals a secure way to send and receive funds nationwide without opening an account. The service is reliable, money is transferred at all times and clients enjoy bank grade security levels on their investment. Processing a transfer is quick and the procedure is simple.
Newtech Business System supplies and services ATMs and cash recyclers from GRG Banking Equipment Company, globally the 4th largest. As of now, with 250 ATMs in the field it has 23% market share in Zambia through its 9 service centers across Zambia. Newtech Business System offers the best in class ATM service.
First Capital Bank Zambia lets businesses and individuals access and manage their accounts anywhere, anytime. Customers can also use online facilities to make transfers to third parties, add and maintain beneficiaries, manage fixed deposits, send secure messages, order cheque books and do stop payments on cheques.
United Bank for Africa (UBA) offers a selection of internet banking solutions that include SMS or email alert, U-Direct, U-Mobile, pay manager and EMS, and bank collect. All services provided are tailored to give customers more freedom to perform transactions and manage their finances when and where they want.
MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer company with market-leading growth. The service offers is affordable and faster as it offers same day service. This service is provided by Access Bank. Access Bank cards have multi-channel usage functionality which allows cardholders transact globally.
XAPIT Account is an entry-level affordable account that offers electronic and mobile banking solutions to meet everyday banking needs, simple withdrawals and payments, do not require a cheque book or monthly statements. The VISA debit card and mobile banking features give you fast, easy access to your money anytime.
MTN Zambia offers a secure electronic payment system branded as Mobile Money. This system allows registered MTN subscribers to send or receive money from anywhere in the country on their mobile phone within seconds. Other features and services available are bulk and bill payments.
First Alliance Bank Zambia offers a safe, secure and reliable internet banking service that allows customers to carry out various transactions electronically. E Banking offers a quick and convenient way to access various services. Customers with internet access need to register with the bank to use this service.
AB Bank Zambia (ABZ) offers the RIA Money Transfer service, a safe electronic payment system that lets customers receive and send payments from inside and outside Africa. To access this service, no account is needed – neither the customer nor their contact abroad needs a bank account.
Travelport is one of the world's Travel Commerce Platform, aimed at providing payment and other solutions. The platform allows travel providers, travel agencies and corporations to search, share, buy and sell travel. This increases profitability and drives commercial success for every customer in the travel network.
PostDotNet has agency agreements with Western Union, the world market leader in the money transfer business, ZamPost - the Zambian government owned postal services company, DHL - the world's largest courier company, ZESCO - Zambia's electricity utility company and Airtel, one of the main mobile network operators.
Finance Bank Zambia provides a comprehensive payment system that facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. The company enables consumers to independently stage money transfer and electronic payment transactions using a highly secure and reliable platforms that include MoneyGram and ZRA e - payment.
Zoona provides electronic transfer services enabling consumers to send or receive money in Zambia at affordable rates. The company offers its services through a distribution network of cash agents and retailers. Through Zoona, consumers can pay bills, make loan repayments and buy electronic vouchers.