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Corporations can sign up with Nchitonet for advisory services for their employees, related to access to finance. After consultations, a contract is drawn up with the particular corporation to suit specific employee profiles and investment levels. The benefit to entities that use this service is a more settled and fulfilled workforce.
Ciltax Consultants focuses on serving business clients in need of logistical, technical, and business strategy services. They serve an increasing number of entrepreneurs amongst existing businesses presenting an opportunity for increasing demand for market information and services.
SME Accounting Services believes that every successful business needs a robust accounting system that can generate the management reports and processes needed for effective delegation and growth. The company provides financial management training courses designed to train entrepreneurs and accounting staff in the necessary skills.
With local and international understanding, Laurence Paul provides individuals and institutional clients with a full range of financial services and product expertise across their business areas. This company assists both large and small investors to access capital markets in Zambia with sound advice and expert services.
Vine Management Services supplies accounting software, enterprise resource planning solutions and related products. All packages supplied are approved internationally and by the Zambia Revenue Authority. The company also provides a support and call-out service for companies that use accounting software.