The Crocodile Cafe is a delightful coffee shop situated at The Falls Entertainment Centre. Relax and enjoy the scenery as you take a break from browsing the arts and handicrafts on offer. Guests can sit outside and enjoy a light meal, a refreshing drink, or coffee with croissants or other pastries.
The in-house Basil Café at Fawlty Towers serves a wide selection of delicious al fresco breakfasts and lunches to guests. Their team is passionate about delivering an exceptional dining experience, starting with using only the healthiest and freshest ingredients in every dish. All meals are prepared from scratch by experienced chefs.
Fig Tree Café serves tasty full English breakfast, toasted sandwiches, burgers with lentil and potato veggie option, cakes, milk shakes, freshly squeezed orange juice and pineapple juice, smoothies – banana and muesli, strawberry or mango flavours, slush – mango, strawberry or watermelon in season.
From breakfast to brunch, sandwiches to smoothies, cakes to coffee, burgers to bites and more, The Cake Bar Zambia provides a simple yet delicious array of food and drink to keep you happy. The cafe also has seasonal specials and board menu for limited time menu products.
Smart I-Cones Investment offers guests warm hospitality and incomparable services. It serves a range of speciality coffees and tea, juice, fruit smoothies and pastries. The ice cream is made on the premises using the finest ingredients to create outstanding selections. No artificial flavours, preservatives or additives are added.
Egyptian Collection offers a variety of unbelievably delicious ice-cream including choco rolls, fruit rolls and corn ice-cream-all served with amazing toppings. The restaurant is always trying out new and exciting flavours for you to sample. You can also try their popular eggy roll, a favourite at Egyptian Collection.
The Zambean Coffee Co. serves rich and freshly roasted premium quality coffee, as well as a variety of beverages and snacks. The cafe is also open to a variety of events – informal or formal. The Zambean Coffee Co. has created a unique, contemporary and spacious ambiance with high-speed wireless internet and local artwork.
As the food is prepared or cooked to order, try a delicious sandwich that comes with chips or a sumptuous plate of fish and chips, the ever friendly staff members at Zest Cafe do their best to accommodate guests to their individual requests whenever possible. If you are limited for time, you can also pre-order to speed up your service.
Green Shop and Cafe serves delicious food and drinks, using organic ingredients. The cafe is committed to provide healthy meals in a relaxed, clean environment with a happy and friendly service. All ingredients are sourced from local farmers using sustainable farming. Their food is always fresh and organic.
La Mimosa Coffee Shop offers delicious appetisers, salads, entrees, pastas, pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and other cold drinks including milk shakes and ice coffees. The cafe also serves sausage and chips, chicken and chips, burgers, pita pockets and english breakfast.
Zebra Crossing Café is friendly, well priced and in a convenient location. A perfect place to work and meet friends for a delicious meal, a coffee or a glass of wine. The Zebra Crossings is located in the gardens of Ababa House Gift Shop. The café is the venue for a new rotating art exhibition on the first Thursday of every month.
The Bridge Café offers a selection of light meals and refreshments from thhe bridge café which provides spectacular views of the Victoria Falls Bridge, Batoka Gorge and the Falls themselves, during high water. It is also a great place to watch the famous bungee jumping, bridge swing and slide. Vegetarian dishes available.
This café offers a wide assortment of coffee drinks and teas as well as a wide selection of pastries. The experienced baristas roast the coffee onsite ensuring you get a fresh cup. The cafe only serves freshly baked pastries.
Fortune Foods has two leading cafés in Lusaka and Ndola: Milky Lane which serves delicious ice-creams, waffles, pancakes and a tasty variety of coffees; and the Bread Café where customers can enjoy freshly baked treats such as pies, tarts, cup cakes, cinnamon rolls and more. Stop by for a relaxing break while shopping!
The three Mezza Lebanese Cafes in Lusaka, Zambia, serve authentic Lebanese cuisine every single day. The word 'mezza' means appetising, so expect to enjoy this taste of the middle east. And if you are after the ever-popular shawarma then Mezza is the place to go. An outside catering service is also available.
Coffee Culture and Co. is a modern cafe that exudes the feel of an American coffee shop — chalkboard menus hanging over the lunch counter, leather sofas and high tables. This cafe is committed to providing quality coffee, pastries, American deli-style lunch options and great customer service.
This is a warm and fashionably cluttered café and craft shop that makes a great place to eat and hang out. As you sample tasty dishes, take in the wide array of arts and crafts that you may even decide to buy. The Kilimanjaro Café offers a wide variety of meals including glutton free and sugar free products.
The cake bar has a mouth-watering selection of dishes such as cookies, fudge, mousse, soufflés, tarts and Italian ice-cream. Drinks include Zambian and Italian coffees and teas, and a selection of milkshake and smoothie flavours.They also specialise in fabulous cakes, which can suit personality, occasion or theme.
Coffee Talk has been providing indigenous export-quality Zambian coffee, light meals, desserts and confectionery. The menu includes grilled chicken and chips, sausage and chips, sandwiches, an interesting 'toastie' range, spare ribs, burgers, pizzas and assorted salads.
The Design House Café is set in a beautiful garden on the farm, with a playground made of wood, rope and old tires to keep children entertained. It is complete with zip-line swings and tree house. The café is part of The Design House and is attached to the Jackal and Hide Shop.
Mint Cafe provides its customers with a friendly yet sophisticated meeting place, a professional, personalised service and great meals. The menu ranges from appetising tortilla wraps, ciabattas and scrumptious salads, to mouth watering open sandwiches, with a selection of fillings, served on a bed of fresh organic greens.


Cafes typically refer to coffeehouses and commonly you will find many different varieties of coffees and teas at a cafe, including specialty coffees such as mochas and lattes and other hot beverages. Some cafes also serve cold beverages such as iced coffee and iced tea, they typically also have light snacks. A customer will usually go to the counter and order their drink and if they would like a snack, there is typically an array of already-prepared snacks to choose from.

Cafes largely serve as centers of social interaction that provides customers with a place to congregate, talk, read, write, entertain one another, or pass time, whether individually or in small groups. Since the development of Wi-Fi, cafes with this capability have also become places for customers to access the internet on their laptops and tablet computers. You can read newspapers and magazines there, or chat with other customers about current topics.

A cafe might vary the menu to include a different daily special, though most cafes tend to serve the same light foods every day. Some cafes have menu rates displayed on the walls of the cafe. However, most cafes in Zambia display menu rates in a menu. Cafes are popularly visited for their hearty warm drinks such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Caffe latte and Black Coffee.

Food in cafes require minimal cooking, such as tuna melts or grilled cheese sandwiches, which explains why cafe food is affordable and not expensive. Some cafes serve soup on a particular day and various kinds of delicious salads are offered. Pastries offered in cafes include cake, tarts, pies, Danish pastries, or buns and some cafes also serve alcoholic beverages such as wine, though this is not common in Zambia.

Cafes in Zambia include:

  • Egyptian Collection
  • Fig Tree Cafe
  • The Zambian Coffee Co.
  • Zest Cafe
  • Zebra Crossing Cafe
  • Delish Cafe
  • Coffee Talk Bakery and Cafe

Most cafes in Zambia are small and can only accommodate up to a certain number of people. These are ideal places to stop by when you not in the mood of going to a restaurant, which are usually more crowded than cafes. Cafes in Zambia usually have an outdoor section with seats, tables and parasols, for those who enjoy outdoor scenery.

Most cafes in Zambia offer takeaway services, your coffee and snacks or whatever it may be can be well packed ready for you to carry and enjoy wherever you will end up eating from. Some cafes offer delivery services, all you have to do is call and place your order which will be delivered right at your door step.

While in Zambia find time to visit a cafe where you'll get to seat and relax in a chilled environment as you enjoy your coffee with some tasty snacks. Friendly staff are available and ready to serve you in the best possible way they can. Go with friends or family to enjoy some quality time together in a neat relaxed setting.