Fine dining restaurants

A fine dining restaurant sets itself apart from other restaurants on three main grounds: food, customer service and ambience. The menu gives diners what they cannot find anywhere else, both in terms of ingredients, creativity and taste. Customer service must be attentive but never invasive, with the kind of impeccably-mannered staff that can only come after several years of training.

Food and drink

Zambian restaurants offer an extensive menu prepared with high quality ingredients, the chefs are creative and the sous-chefs are usually well-trained to carry out the chef’s instructions. Customers should expect an enhanced level of service at a fine dining restaurant, chefs are prepared to make adjustments to menu items. Depending on your area, the cost of the food itself may not actually be higher. Fine dining restaurant menus can change on a daily or weekly basis. This is a great benefit, because a smaller rotating menu allows customers to buy local, seasonal items when they are fresh, allowing chefs to exercise creativity when designing dishes.

Fine dining restaurants have well stocked bars with top of the line liquor and a good selection of wine and champagne, they also offer a wide variety of non - alcoholic drinks. Staff in fine dining restaurants know everything offered in the bar and are able to suggest drinks with each meal.


Fine dining restaurants require a lot more attention to detail than just taking an order and delivering food. Everything in a fine dining restaurant should provide a unified feeling. So, if the menu is upscale Italian, the decor needs to be as well. If the menu is minimalist, so too should be the decor. Whatever the style, the linens, silverware, glassware, and plates all need to be high quality.

Customer service

Establishing great customer service is especially important, and costly, for a fine dining experience. High quality customer service is not the stereotypically snooty waiter of movies, rather it is a large group of staff being attentive to the needs of customers. Waitstaff in fine dining restaurants are well trained and comfortable with a diverse group of customers. Some services provided in a fine dining restaurant include escorting customers to the table, holding the chair for women, escorting customers to the restrooms, crumbing the table in between courses and replacing napkins if the customer leaves the table.

Dress code

Most Fine dining restaurants prohibit or discourage ripped jeans or tee shirts, collared shirts are preferred for men, and some restaurants also require a sport jacket or tie in order to be fully dressed. For ladies, skirts or dresses or other nice clothing are recommended. While you may not always be turned away if you go to a fine dining restaurant dressed inappropriately, some restaurants will be strict on the dress code so it is always better to ask in advance.