Enjoy great meals with friends and family at this beautiful restaurant. Goat 'n Chips serves fried, grilled, boiled and smoked goat meat with chips. There is also a variety of pies, shawama, burgers, salads and non-alcoholic beverages. All meals are made fresh when you order, from fresh goat meat and potatoes.
Pizza Inn's slogan, “It must be the Pizza!” captures the reason why friends, colleagues and families come to enjoy their famous pizzas. And with a great range to choose from, like the legendary Meat Deluxe, Hawaiian, Chicken Bacon BBQ, Four Seasons and BBQ Steak, Pizza Inn satisfies any hunger.
With a variety of flavours to pick from, Creamy Inn’s delicious soft serve is the secret ingredient that goes into every product, mixed with a choice of indulgent toppings. This is where every indulgent craving is satisfied and will have you returning for more!
Galitos offers chicken that is marinated and then flame grilled and can be ordered in a variety of portion sizes. Other offers include burgers, small finger foods and wraps. All meals are generally accompanied by chips but can also be had with coleslaw and/or bread rolls.
Shoprite tempting selection of cooked food range includes sandwiches, wraps, snacks and sweet treats. With all the food freshly prepared, all you need to do is pick it up and enjoy your meal. You can make your own food selection. A mix of all your favourite meals and snacks.
The chefs prepare daily a range of delicious hot meals for you to enjoy as breakfast, lunch, on-the-go or an easy meal solution to bring home. Enjoy a wide range of snacks, continental and Zambian dishes freshly made using fresh locally soured ingredients. A perfect roast chicken hot off the chicken rotisserie, grilled to perfection is a favorite.
Galito's is the best tasting flame grilled chicken in the world, with massive flavour right through is one of Total's partner restaurants in the Bonjour shop. You'll also find an in some service stations Pizza Inn a menu that includes specialty pizzas like the Meaty Max and the Taco Pizza. As well as a list of fresh toppings to customize your pizza.
Smart I-Cones Investment provides friendly and attentive service in a relaxed environment. The restaurant serves burgers, fresh salads, appetizers, steaks, chicken dishes, pizza, shawarma, sausage, chips and nshima with a variety of relish. All meals are generally served and eaten on the premises, take outs are also available.
Pagoto Zambia serves tasty Gelato ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet, all made using natural ingredients. Products offered are made daily, using in-house recipes. Pagoto prepares its Gelato from scratch, adding each ingredient individually. The takeaway uses low fat milk which does not contain artificial hormones or antibiotics.
Debonairs Pizza has a creative menu that includes the Triple-Decker, Crammed-Crust, Pizza-Filla and more. Some of the options available include the massive 'chicken triple decker' or the 'meaty-filla' with oodles of ingredients, cheeses and toppings to create mouth-watering pizzas.
Known for its family-style atmosphere and warm hospitality, Pizza Hut East Park Mall serves a full range fresh, tasty and quality pizza, sides and beverages. The restaurant's menu has more than enough choice to keep you coming back for more. Stop by Pizza Hut with family and friends and enjoy their range of meals.
Deliveries Dlish is Zambia's premier restaurant delivery service delivering the right food at the right time, right to your door step. More than a take away restaurant because the will bring the food to you from many of Lusaka's top restaurants. Their goal is to exceed your expectation by delivering the food that you desire at the right time to your door.
Fishaways promises great quality and flavour - fried or grilled. These are innovative seafood and local fish restaurants that serve the freshest catch. Choose mouth-watering delicacies like calamari, prawns or perhaps a tasty, wholesome fillet of hake. Or keep it local with a mouth-watering full bream.
Steers have been around for almost half a century, and so have a good idea about what customers want. Camran Foods' Steers restaurants are known for their warm and friendly atmosphere, great service and top-quality food - flame-grilled chicken, fresh salads, burgers, ribs, milk shakes and ice cream.
Camran Foods' Debonairs Pizza guarantees you the best take-away pizzas in Zambia. You want your pizza hot and fresh – Debonairs Pizza gives you the 'hot or not' sticker. You want your pizza filling extra tasty – Debonairs Pizza gives you the famous Triple-Decker®!
Made only with natural products, Gigibonta Foxdale offers a variety of the best quality Italian ice-cream, as well as juices and pastries. The restaurant focuses on serving fresh ice cream by ensuring that cream and condensed milk is delivered to them daily. Gigibonta makes all of its mixes from fresh and wholesome ingredients.
Debonairs Pizza has a creative menu that includes the Triple-Decker, Crammed-Crust, Pizza-Filla and more. They pride themselves on their direct marketing strategy aimed at building long term relationships with their loyal customers. Debonairs allows customers to order their favourite pizza from their cell phone or computer.
Chesa Nyama serves delicious meals made from choice ingredients, including fresh meats and vegetables. The restaurant offers Russians, boerewors, chicken, brisket, chuck, ribs, chips, nshima, burgers, salads and assorted non-alcoholic drinks. As their slogan states, all meats served are 'Flame Grilled the Traditional Way'.
Whether you come with family or friends, you'll love the relaxed atmosphere, unique Wimpy flavour and quick service that comes with a genuine smile. Wimpy offers hearty, delicious breakfasts and other meals - burgers, toasted sandwiches, salads, wraps, sweets, coffees, shakes, sodas, fruit juices and smoothies.
Fortune Foods brings to Zambia some famous take-away brands. Think Nando's, Debonairs Pizza and Steers. Delight in Nando's flame grilled peri-peri chicken or enjoy a choice of fresh hot pizzas from Debonairs Pizza. Burger lovers can order from Steers, choosing from their wide range of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers.
Do you need some food to eat at home or at the office? This restaurant provides a quick takeaway service. You can order a variety of delicious international and Zambian dishes. Marlin Restaurant always preserves the quality of the food, making sure it tastes as delicious as it does in the restaurant.

Take away restaurants

Take away restaurants in Zambia

Enjoy tasty take away meals and save time for other activities in the comfort of your own home or office. In Zambia, there is a large number of restaurants serving a wide variety of take away food including chips, chicken, fish, burgers, pizza and more. Vegetarian choices and special set menus are also available to give you a whole variety of tastes. Restaurants typically pack the food in paper, paperboard, corrugated fibre board, plastic, or foam food containers. Take away restaurants offer affordable food and they regularly have special meal offers.

Take away allows many customers to be served quickly, without restricting sales by remaining to eat their food. Most take away restaurants have a seating area available and provide party arrangements as well as large scale catering. They ensure that meals are delicious and fresh at all times, attention to detail is carried through from preparation to serving your meal.

Zambian take away restaurants take pride in their quality and high standards of cooking. They specialise in a variety of meals prepared using only the finest and freshest of ingredients to ensure your complete satisfaction. You will experience the difference in style and taste as soon as you try food from any of Zambia’s restaurants. If you are taking out, you can be assured of fresh, top quality food to tickle your taste buds. Some restaurants offer a free delivery to all orders over a certain value and radius.

Staff are highly trained and put great effort into ensuring that your experience is excellent. Restaurants are committed to offer the best customer service, making you feel welcome is what they strive to achieve. Thanks to Zambian restaurants offering takeaway services, you can comfortably enjoy a wide selection of delicious meals at your convenience. Meals are carefully chosen, and prepared keeping in mind the needs and requirements of customers. Here, you can be sure that you have some of the widest choices of food items.

Some of Zambia's take away restaurants include:

  • Goat 'n Chips
  • Marlin Restaurant
  • Smart I-Cones Investment Ltd
  • Camran Foods Fishaways
  • Camran Foods Steers
  • Camran Foods Debonairs Pizza
  • Chesa Nyama

While in Zambia find time to visit a take away restaurant where you'll place your order and get your freshly prepared delicious take away meal in a short period of time. Take away restaurants have welcoming and friendly staff available and ready to take your meal order.